Tips In Choosing Windows Training Institute

There are several reasons why a person would seek Microsoft certification. For one, Microsoft Windows are essential part in performing day to day operations in the office. Knowing how to troubleshoot and manage Windows would highly benefit not just the employees but the entire organization as well. With proper Windows training, a company no longer has to hire Windows technicians since its workforce can already perform installation, management and troubleshooting its operating systems. However, the efficacy of the employees would rely much on where they obtained their training and certification from. In order to ensure that you get quality training carefully consider where you are going to take the training course. Here are some points to look at:

Microsoft certified instructors

Do not just obtain your training from anyone who claims to be knowledgeable on Windows. Make sure that they have the accompanying certification from Microsoft as a proof that they are skilled and trained enough to transfer knowledge to other people. Before you register to a Windows training, check the professional background of the instructor including the trainings he has gone through to ensure that he is qualified to teach.

Microsoft certified

Apart from Microsoft certified instructors, you should also check the background of the institute from where you intend to get your training from. A reputable learning institute should be a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner for Learning Solutions. This means that the institution is accredited by Microsoft to impart knowledge about their systems, applications and different programs. This also means that their modules are reviewed and approved by Microsoft making the lessons reliable and high quality. Without this certification, learning institutions are not recognized by Microsoft and should be opted out from your potential institution to enrol from.

Trusted by students

Only acquire your Windows training from a trusted learning institute. Therefore, the institution’s ratings by former students should be checked. Avoid a learning centre with poor feedback and rating from its former students and with low number of enrolees. Always choose a learning centre which is recommended by its former students.

How Apple Created A Unique Product That Started A Profitable Global Industry

In January 9, 2007, Apple, one of the most influential companies in the world introduced the iPhone, a product that started a very profitable global industry. In terms of profitability, there are only two or three companies in the world that make as much money as Apple does from a Smartphone alone. Apple has certainly defined modern economy when it created a new product category in the Smartphone.

Ten years ago, there were no iPhones and imitators but now it has become a major object of desire among humans all over the globe. The iPhone has certainly changed the market of software, music and advertising. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg because when you delve into the tale, you will find out about the forgotten actors behind the technology like Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Tim Cook.

What makes an iPhone very popular? Many people prefer its cool design, user interface, how software works and attention to details like hardware. Underneath the charming surface of the iPhone are the critical technologies that include tiny microprocessors, memory chips, solid-state hard drives, liquid crystal displays and the lithium-based batteries.

There are also the key elements of networks and software like Fast-Fourier-Transform algorithms made up of clever bits of math that can swiftly transform analogue signals like sound, visible light and radio waves to digital signals that computers can handle. However, the internet is a critical element of the Smartphone; without internet and cellular networks, there is no Smartphone.

Other important components of the iPhone that makes it smart include GPS or global positioning systems, touch screen and Siri, the voice activated artificial intelligence. Some of the technologies are indispensable; some are not important. Eventually, the technologies used in the iPhone were imitated and commercialized by private sector entrepreneurs. Apple has indeed created something wonderful that people and businesses rely on nowadays.

On the other hand, there are companies with different specializations like corporate team building programs. Event teams are highly experienced to ensure a hassle-free and successful team building activity in your choice of venue. The event is fully planned and prepared for to improve the relationships among employees.

What Are The Odds Of Home Burglaries In The Unites States?

If you are still not convinced of getting a full-service security service or even a DIY for home security devices and alarms, then your home may be the next target for burglars. A burglary is reported at approximately every 14.5 seconds in the United States. That translate to two million homes in one year. In that two million, 8% of the burglary is done with armed criminals, raising the risk of fatality with the incident. Security and alarm system is not solely to prevent the risk of burglary, as sensors and alarms can also detect and warn in the event of fire or carbon monoxide poisoning. A fire is reported at approximately every twenty seconds. 39% of could have been easily avoided if alarms were installed and sadly, 59% of that portion resulted to fatalities. Factor that out to the total number of incidents in a year, a home security and alarm system could have saved a lot of lives.

Most people shy away from getting a home security system because of the expenses. A full-service does not only entail an up-front cost for the hardware installed and the installation itself but a monthly service fee as well for the maintenance and for a remote security team to monitor your place. Typically, a full-service set-up has also incorporated the intricate system into the structures internal wiring and electrical panel. This does not only mean a complicated and challenging, not to mention expensive, installation but also means that it will increase electricity bills. Looking at this reality make one conclude that home security system is only for the rich, and is more of a luxury rather than a need. But the statistics are already showing the high odds of burglary, so what can you do? The answer is DIY for home security devices.

Not only is it affordable, because you may choose the equipment that fit your budget but homeowners can also conveniently install it themselves completely getting rid of the installation cost. These devices are wireless and communicate with each other via radio and cellular signals, which make its installation a convenience. Hazard in the installation is also less likely because there is no need to involve electrical wirings, these devices are standalone and run on batteries, which means it will not affect electricity bills as well.

Why Consider Living In Pattaya And How?

A playground for adventure-seekers, a haven for clubbers, and a sin city for others – Pattaya means so many things to different people. No wonder it is considered as an exciting place for people to move to, whether long term or just for a change of view. People search for condominium or house for sale Pattaya for starters, and they will not be disappointed to see a great variety of options for a very affordable price. A foreigner can own a condominium unit as long as the entire complex is 51% Thai owned.

Pattaya, and Thailand as a whole is nestled with cheap living spaces of great quality. For people who can afford to buy luxury, it is also not hard to find a property with high-end amenities and great view, whether it is a condominium or house for sale Pattaya. Living space affordability is only a kick-off start to a long list of good things that will make expats move to Pattaya.

If you consider living in Bangkok a paradise, then there is no room for words to describe the haven that is Pattaya. This oasis is only an hour and a half drive from Bangkok. Living expenses are forty to 60 percent lower in Pattaya than in most western countries. Local food is inexpensive, electricity is affordable and the Internet is very underpriced considering how fast the Internet is around this parts of Thailand. Nightlife in the city is also ever so vibrant and is probably the main reason for some who already moved. After all, it is regarded as the naughtiest city in Thailand and you have to go there to see for yourself why.

Thai Food in Pattaya

A plate of Phad Tai with a generous serving of shrimps and egg is only 70 Thai baht. For 140 Thai baht, you can already get a more than a fulfilling plate of chicken fried rice, a huge bowl of spicy soup tom yum kung, and a watermelon shake. Thai food is mostly spicy, there is not much selection for non-spicy Thai food. But the resort city also has fast food chain like KFC, Pizza Hut and McDonald’s with prices relatively cheaper than in other countries.

Shopping in Pattaya

Whether you prefer fresh markets, or chain supermarkets, or Westernised department stores, Pattaya has a wide range of them scattered around the city. Pattaya and the entirety of Thailand are far more modernized than its neighboring countries Cambodia and Laos.

Tips In Starting A Business With Laser Tag Equipment

Many people, especially the business minded ones, are always looking for new business ventures they can try. If you are one of the many who are eyeing a laser tag business then this post is for you. Having a laser tag business will let you experience having your own business and at the same time interact with people you work with. Here is a simple guide for business-minded people who are planning to start their own business:

  • Choose the name for your business. For those who are only expanding, it is more likely that they already have a name for their business. It is best to keep the theme of the name of your business when adding a new branch. It is important that once you have picked a certain name for your business, make sure that it is available. You can do a trademark check online to see if the name you want is already taken. If it is still available, make sure you apply for its trademark. It might cost you a bit of money as well as time but it is worth investing for your business. While you’re at it, check the domain name of your business and buy it if it is available.
  • Choose the home for your business. This is where your official business address is going to be. If you are planning to build a business in the USA, majority of entrepreneurs would incorporate their business in the state where they are operating. You can also choose a state based on its incorporation perks such as Nevada where corporations have no state tax or franchise taxes.
  • Decide on your business model. You can either choose to be a company or a sole trader. Either way, it is important to consult for legal advice on this matter.
  • Choosing your supplier of laser tag equipment. First, decide on the laser tag business you want and then estimate the people you will have to cater at a time. Ask experts regarding the number of laser tag sets you might need to make sure that you will be able to accommodate all the customers.

Incredible Tech Deals That Did Not Push Through

There are many business deals that did not push through because of some disagreements or some details that have not been ironed out in time. It is disappointing for the parties involved particularly if the deal will change history. There are some incredible cases of business tech deals that did not take place but in truth, the outcome was not exactly bad news for users.

Before Facebook ruled social media, Myspace was already the revolutionary platform. The thing is, Myspace was forgotten when several new social media platforms appeared. Myspace disappeared and no one seemed to care. However, News Corp bought the social network for $580 million, an extremely profitable deal in 2005 because the site was currently in its best moments. The first year was great because Myspace value was estimated at $12 billion; however, it declined terribly because the platform lost its popularity and people moved to other social media platforms that adapted to new needs. In 2011, News Corp sold Myspace for $35 million.

If you were born during the time when movies were rented, you are certainly familiar with Blockbuster. Netflix is the real deal right now. Blockbuster lacked the vision to go into online movie streaming; otherwise it would have reaped the benefits of being the first in the new market. In 2000, Netflix offered Blockbuster to handle its online component but Blockbuster did not see it as a good enough deal for the company. Nowadays, Netflix is running the show.

When Google was the new kid on the block, Excite was the second most popular search engine after Yahoo. It was very unlikely for a new company to replace its position. Google’s co-founder Larry Page made an offer to Excite to replace its technology with Google Search but the offer was turned down. The rest is history.

If you are planning to buy sand drying equipment make sure that its accessories are wear resistant with high thermal efficiency. There are industrial equipment manufacturers that offer new product lines with outstanding quality to multiply your profits.  Industries served include road building, metallurgy, mining and construction as well as aggregate industries.


Which Cooker Hood Is The Best For A Kitchen

Just like every other purchase for a home, buying a cooker hood is one decision that has to be done intelligently. To begin with, one needs to decide the type of cooker hood needed. This mostly depends on a cooker’s size and a person’s budget.

Different types of cooker hoods

Built-in: For those with a standard or narrow cooker, this may be for them. It is between 52 – 60 cm wide and fits kitchen cabinets.

Chimney: For those with a cooker which backs to a wall, this is a good option. This consists of a canopy and a chimney and comes as either glass or stainless steel.

Free-standing: For those concerned of their budgets, this is the cheapest option. However, this is the least powerful.

Integrated: For those that want the hood tucked away, this is a good option. This is not powerful as the chimney or island hoods. This is suitable for the usual four-ring cookers rather than the larger models.

Island: This is most expensive and also the biggest one around. This attached directly to a ceiling which means this is appropriate for kitchens with bigger spaces.

Costs to get a great cooker hood

For about £100, one can buy a built-in, free-standing or an integrated cooker hood that is big enough to be fitted over a four-ring cooker. However, some are better than others. In addition, some are not powerful enough.

For £200 – £300, there are bigger cooker hoods, fitted over an 110 cm range cooker or hob. These bigger ones are good at extracting steam compared to smaller hoods.

For £400 or more, there are large island hoods that have the helpful features from cheaper hoods with better looks and design elements.

Cooker hood filter

A cooker hood has a grease filter. This will capture grease when it rises from the hob, which avoids it from settling on a kitchen surface or leaving hard-to-remove stains. The filters come in different materials: paper, stainless steel or aluminium. Metal filters require washing. Paper filters should be replaced every couple of months. One can also acquire replacement filters from the hood’s manufacturer.

Other considerations

Other things that need to be considered for a cooker hood are its controls, its power settings, lights and extraction.

Vespa To Release Its First Electric Scooter

All over the globe, there has been a continued growth in popularity of electric scooter. The most mind-boggling of all is that many of the known and established brands when it comes to scooter manufacturing have been quite slow in jumping to the bandwagon of transforming their fuel powered motorbikes to electric ones. One of the best examples in this matter is the popular brand Vespa which originated in Italy.

The good news is that there absence in the electric scooter market might not be for too long. According to recent reports, the company is now on their way to making their very own and first every version of electric scooter. As of now, there has not been much details revealed with regards to these latest product from the company. The consumers are left to their imagination to determine how far along their first electric scooter is when it comes to development.

According to reports, and these are all we know about the Vespa electric scooter, the concept is called Elettrica Electric Scooter and it is the name widely known now to many scooter enthusiasts. The product is said to be available in commercial market before the end of 2017. The new electric version will have the same trademark quality from the company that is known in manufacturing classic Vespa motorbikes that are in style and easy to maneuver. Reports have also suggested that this version will have what they call the innovative connectivity solution.

As for the price, there are still no reports about the pricing range of the product but it is expected that the company will be pricing it higher compared to the conventional models they have. This is because of the fact that battery packs are costly and should be of high quality in order to power an electric scooter. All we can do is standby for the launch and see what they have in store for us.

There have been estimates from Vespa dealers that the electric scooter might carry around a price tag of $10,000. This might be a premium price when compared to other electric scooters but this one caries the brand Vespa as well as its known public image.


How To Choose A Crushing Equipment

A crushing equipment is made to reduce the size of a large object or material into a smaller desired size thereby changing not just its mass but also its form. Aside from reducing the size of materials such as large rock ores into gravels, the machine is also used to recycle waste products. If you are looking for a crushing equipment, you have to give it serious consideration because there are several factors that you need to look into in order to get the right machine. Also, there are numerous crushing equipment in the market today that choosing the best for you could be daunting.  Here are some of the things to consider when buying a crushing equipment.

  • Material to be crushed. While there are all-around crushing equipment, there are also those that are made for specific materials. If you often require a crusher in your line of work, it would be best to buy a crushing equipment with generic functions so you can use it for different applications. However, if you specialize in rock processing, it would be wise for you to buy reliable crushing equipment built for handling works related to rock crushing.
  • Maximum size of material to be taken in by the equipment. When buying a crushing equipment, you have to consider the average size of the material that you intend to feed into the machine. Buying a large crushing machine when you only require a smaller one is not only a waste of money but is also illogical.
  • Feeding method. There are different ways to feed a crushing equipment with materials. It is best to research on the different types to determine which of the feeding methods will work for you and which of them is more cost-efficient.
  • Crushing capacity. Another important information that you should find out about crushing equipment is its crushing capacity in an hour including the amount that it can crush per day. This way, you can easily project your expected output in a given time.

To make it easier for you to choose a crushing equipment, talk to a sales representative today.


The Latest Trend In Interior Jet Designing

If you have travelled by air before then you will know the struggles that every passenger faces – from the limit to the weigh baggage, the queue when it comes to security lines, seats that does not recline as much as you desire it to as well as the fact that there might be a crying baby on the flight. This might be the case for many but for those who have the money to spare in a Boeing 787, which cost around $300 to $400 million, flying will no longer be a struggle but an experience to look forward to because of the luxury that comes with it, not to mention the integrated design of the vessel.

CEO Stephen Vella is also the founder of Kestrel Aviation Management, an aviation company that has been in partnership with Pierrejean Design Studio located in Paris. The two have been partners for 15 years already and they were able to create aircraft interior design that is far from the usual cabins in regular flights. The ones they create are more personalized and with harmonious space that is compliant of the requirement set by the Federal Aviation Administration or FAA when it comes to safety and regulation standards.

According to Stephen Vella, when designing a space, what they desire if that the passenger would sit up and never want to stand back up again because everything they need are ergonomically located to where they are sitting – be it laptop storage or a water bottle. Passengers will have everything they need from a place where they can hang their jackets and space where they can store loose change. He revealed that the company is committed by paying attention to the smallest details and anticipating everything that the user might need.

He also revealed how they use multisensory experience in order to make the space calmer. Passengers travelling for more than 12 hours straight, for business or pleasure, would want a place where they have the chance to unwind. The design is manipulated through the use of lighting and colors, noise debasement as well as humidification. Thailand interior design is also well known and worth looking at if you are looking for inspirations to use in your private plane.


Utilizing Google Analytics On Content Marketing

Google Analytics is undeniably a very powerful online tool but one must know how to employ it on their website in order to get the most and the best result.

If you have Google Analytics but do not know what you need to look out for, the entire tool can be confusing and will easily distract users thus making the tool useless in the end. To know what you should look for, it is important to ask the right questions and to find the answers in the right locations. In order to optimize the content you are creating, it is essential to aim for quality and not focus on the quantity. This is one thing that most marketers take for granted leading to a big mistake.

If you are always afraid of the fact that you need to do a performance report then this is not a good thing. Sometimes you will panic due to the fact that you do not know what to look for and have no idea how to find it. This is the very reason why you can’t make the most of Google Analytics. Keep in mind that the basic metrics is all about consumption – this will let you in on how many users are accessing and viewing the content you post online. With Google Analytics, you will be able to know the number of unique users that are visiting your website, the number of times the specific webpage has been visited and it also combines the page views that are produced by one single user during a single session. You content marketing will have more useful information due to the three benefits provided.

Google Analytics will also show you the total popularity of specific page and help you determine which ones should be used as landing pages and which ones are more suitable as supplemental pages. Learning how to use Google Analytics will help a lot in the content marketing strategy you are creating. If you are having no luck in the field then it is time to hire a content marketing agency in Melbourne.

How Technology Influences The Insurance Industry

Technology supports the growth and evolution of the insurance sector. Within the last years, the use of social media and mobile devices have influenced the processing of claims and the assessment of policies.

Insurers have looked through maximizing efficiencies as well as profits in conjunction with having customers satisfied and happy.


The effect of technology

The biggest trend now is the adoption of several channels to sell and market policies. With technology, insurers have moved from the traditional broker context to a direct market approach – getting rid of the middleman and heading straight towards customers.

Underpinned by internet based and mobile services, this model is expected to accelerate within the insurance sector or industry. Customers can buy directly as well as form a group for bulk purchasing. This model could potentially shake up the market through premiums being brought down and claim processing being improved while changing the customer experience.

There are guidelines to take note of. These ensure that technology is working towards an advantage for any life insurance (ประกันชีวืต) sector.


Understanding demand and the business requirements

A grasp of the current system and demands enable insurers to assess if a total transformation is required or if it can just be an update. This also helps insurers assess the business processes and its efficiency.


Creating a roadmap and the business case

Being realistic when it comes to efforts, limitations, complexities and costs help, or a downfall can be suffered from underestimation. It is helpful to include the quality team for realistic time frames that are able to meet the quality objectives.


Analyzing applications and the business capacities

Extensive analysis of applications with examination of technical and business capacities is crucial for a great solution. Integration with current solutions should be assessed. Quality management and a testing strategy ensure smooth transitions.


Adopting a testing scheme until implementation

To overcome any challenges from upgrades or overhauls while ensuring ROI, projects have to adopt risk based approaches in testing. This ensures effective implementation.


BTS Investing Big On Real Estate

BTS Group Holdings Plc, a firm that is listed by SET, is currently undergoing a restructure on its property business in order to aid a residential project that is set for five years. The development project is said to be worth 100 billion in baht. The company is also planning to expand the covered sector of its commercial property.

The company’s goal is to increase the revenue proportion when it comes to their real estate and make it 15 per cent instead of the current 10 per cent of the entire amount comes 2018.

According to the chief operating officer of the BTS, Rangsin Kritalug, the company is also grouping once more the property business once it had infiltrated the joint venture in residential development with another company Sansiri Plc or SIRI, another SET-listed company. The joint venture was signed only last year.

He added that the group will be transformed into a holding firm and will not focus mainly on direct investment. The investment in property business will be done via the subsidiaries which are now up to 30 companies all in all.

There are four different business units comprising BTS inclusing property, mass transit, services and media. All of these units are able to generate 9 per cent, 43 per cent, 13 per cent and 35 per cent of the entire revenue respectively. This is during the first quarter of 2016’s fiscal year which ended last June 30 of 2016.

The company is also planning to invest another 7.6 billion baht for the current fiscal year. Around 4.28 billion baht will be allotted for the mass transit unit while the other 2.7 billion baht will be given to the property unit.

The money for the property unit will be spent on land acquisition amounting 1.2 billion baht, residential business will have 1 billion while the 500 million will be allotted for the renovation of the Thana City Golf and Sports Club.

BTS-SITI has many projects in Thai real estate as a joint venture that is included in the firm’s property business. It will also get its recurring income from sources such as rental space for offices, golf courses and hotels.

Latest Technology Employed On Condominiums

Since the past twenty years, a lot have changed especially when it comes to technology. The world is now a much safer place because of it. In terms of housing, people are also more likely to buy condo units rather than a single family home because of security reasons. One of the most attractive feature of a condominium is its round the clock security which makes the homeowners comfortable in their living space. This security is not only accomplished by human security on the lobby but together with the help of technology, a building can be maintained as secure as possible.

Majority of condo managements are trying to weigh in the benefits of having a physical security compared to using electronic gadgets. When it comes to return of investment, it can be said that employing electronics is much cheaper compared to hiring people you will have to pay a monthly salary. When it comes to electronics, security is much more as long as it is installed correctly. A human security can’t be at several places at the same time and there are human mistakes to be accounted for. To be on the safe side, many are employing both in their building. A human presence coupled with a video and technology system is a more comforting thought. It is to be expected that for super luxury condominiums, the security is also top of the bar.

There are many options for technology that can be employed inside a condominium premise such as CCTV or closed-circuit television, panic alarms, security systems that are owned by the residences and the community, access control as well as perimeter protection. If looking for more affordable alternative then cameras should be installed in common areas and inside the buildings for monitoring.

The demand for video monitoring is still high because it helps in preventing crimes, identifying those involved, detecting crimes as well as liming the liability of the management. Another important system that should be installed is one that gives warning in case of fire as well as carbon monoxide leaks because condos are known to be connected units inside the building.

If you are looking for a Bangkok condo for sale, make sure that the security is up to your standard.

Buying Tips For Vanity Units For Small Bathroom

Vanity cabinets are important aspects of your bathroom. It is where you store your bathroom items and it also adds beauty and harmony to your bathroom’s overall appearance. However, vanity units can also eat up space in your bathroom especially if you have a small area. If you have a small bathroom space but still want to have that vanity unit, you can check on these tips for your buying guide.

  • Determine the measurement of your bathroom floor. The one thing that you do not want is for your vanity unit to occupy more than half of your bathroom floor space or to purchase that lovely vanity unit but find out later on that it won’t fit on your bathroom door. To ensure that everything will go well after you purchase that vanity cabinet, measure your bathroom floor including the doorway. You should also determine the actual size of the cabinet in order for it to fit perfectly on your small bathroom.
  • Take a look at different styles. There are different styles of vanity units for small bathroom. There are vanity cabinet for classic, traditional or Victorian style bathroom while there are also those for modern or contemporary. Take a look at home magazines for inspiration or you can also visit websites for ideas. Take note that there are vanity cabinets that would require a fitter especially those that are built-in types while there are those that can be easily assembled or the DIY types.
  • Compare prices. When you have already determined the important details for the installation of your vanity cabinet such as the measurements and your preferred type, it is now time for you to look for the actual vanity cabinets along with its price. No matter how attractive and perfect that vanity cabinet may look on your bathroom, it would still be wise and practical for you to look from other suppliers for purposes of price comparison. If the cabinet needs to be installed, find out the labor costs for it so for the installation to be included on your budget.

Reasons To Use The Internet For English Teaching

Prior to the internet age, classes were typically done by a teacher in classrooms. With the advent of the internet, it brought with it numerous options for learning and for communicating to an even bigger audience. The virtual classroom and language learning websites are just a few of these.

The difference between the internet and the traditional teaching as well as writing with computer mediated communication is the lack of immediate feedback which is critical to any successful conversation. But with the innovation of screen sharing software, it creates a more effective conversation process.

What are the advantages of using the internet for learning English or any other language?

• With internet use, students are able to gain input regarding the process of language learning.
• This form of communication is a venue for self expression with more chances for written interactions too.
• The internet changes a teacher and a student’s interaction as computers allow for more talking time. It also changes the roles of teachers and students since it can make a more student centered learning where the teachers are facilitators while students construct their ideas or knowledge.
• It is the greatest information source which is not in the book form. It can be used to promote higher thinking skills.
• There are numerous supplemental resources like pronunciation exercises or reading texts. Games are also fun activities for learning.
• The internet is a venue for creative works like poetry, essays or stories.
• With the use of the internet for learning English, students are also able to develop technology skills like web browsing, email, word processing and more which is helpful in the competitive market.

Not only is the internet helpful for students learning English, it is also helpful for teachers wanting to teach the language without the need to be physically present in traditional classrooms. Sites in the internet like ProTEFL help these teachers start their careers just as much as students learning English can start theirs too. The internet is becoming a part of everyone’s lives and learning to use it wisely benefits any user.

The History Of Sweaters And Its Growing Popularity

There are a lot of people donning sweaters all over the world. Sweaters are also becoming a hugely popular piece of clothing which is not only worn during winter but also during summer either indoors or outdoors.

A sweater is a garment, usually knitted, that covers the torso and the arms. A sweater can be a cardigan or a pullover. A cardigan has an opening in the front while pullovers don’t. In British English, pullovers are called jumpers and jerseys.

Sweaters are worn by children and adults, male or female. They can be worn over other types of clothing but oftentimes solely. They are traditionally made from wool but can be a combination of cotton and synthetic fibers.

During the holiday season, aside from the usual Men’s or Women’s Sweaters, there is the Ugly Christmas Sweater. This type of sweater has become a pervasive feature of the holidays. Ugly Christmas Sweaters are usually red and green with large figures of reindeers, snowmen, Christmas trees and so on.

Sweaters have been in existence in the US since the 1800s but these ugly versions are only a few decades old. The popularity of these ugly sweaters faded when the 90s began. But in the previous decade, the trend re-emerged. According to the Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Book: The Definitive Guide to Getting Your Ugly On, there was an increase in 2001 in ugly sweater parties. Since then, the tradition intensified.

Some vintage stores are enjoying the benefits of this trend. The Ugly Christmas Sweaters are hot for small and big retailers. Walmart, Target, etc. have their own versions out. Some 20 retailers also sell do-it-yourself Ugly Christmas Sweater kits.

The item has also been good for individual entrepreneurs and small businesses. Anne Marie Blackman has sold over 25,000 pieces and made a revenue of more than a million dollars. College buddies Evan Mendelsohn and Nick Morton reached a revenue of several millions from selling 5,000 to 10,000 designs.

Whether or not these Ugly Christmas Sweaters are a fashion blunder, it still brings a warm and fuzzy feeling of memories from childhood. Plus, it is practical in the winter.

Programmer Used LIDAR To Make 3D London Map

Andrew Godwin purchased his 3D printer January of 2016 and it was the first he owned. We all know the price tag that comes with this machine is not cheap and he also acknowledges that fact thereby he promised himself he would do something worthwhile with his new printer.

During an interview with Gowdin through Skype, he said that he has a fascination with maps thus it triggered him to start thinking about creating a topographical map of the UK. He originated from the southern part of London and he has also lived for while in Oxford. He is now currently residing and working in San Francisco where he is a programmer. It was then he discovered that there are LIDAR data of London contributed by the UK Environmental Agency. LIDAR is short term for Light Detection And Ranging. It is a recent technology used for surveillance and is being used to measure distances. This process is accomplished by using laser light and shining it onto the target. With this technology, the result comes out in very fine resolution. Because of this, it made him think about recreating the map of London in 3D.

Godwin shared that upon knowing the LIDAR data, he was intrigued by the idea of seeing London’s map in 3D. He began printing in the end of January and the entire process cost him to finish on May because of different challenges along the way. The first challenge was for him to make the LIDAR file into a format that can be read by the 3D printer. Godwin said that the previous file contains a lot of noise that the printer cannot reproduce it.

He also shared how he made the entire project which is done by taking all the data and averaging out the points so his version would be a lower detailed version. The heights are then changed to a 3 meter of intervals. The whole thing is then finished using a smoothing that is neighbour-based. The 3D map is another creation of an artist. Other variations can be made such as the London City Illustrated Map which might look handmade but digitally made.

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