A Guide To Chartering A Yacht

Just imagine yourself, cruising along the Caribbean in a yacht, immersing yourself in the splendor of the crystal blue waters and basking under the glory of the sun, wouldn’t that feel amazing? But amazing as it sounds, it also sounds very expensive, N-O-T! While you may think that chartering a yacht is expensive, in truth, it actually costs the same as going on a traditional cruise or staying at a beach resort.

All you need to do is learn how to sail a little and hire a captain you can trust then you can hire a boat that you can use to cruise around the blue seas.

If you want to know how to charter a yacht then let this article be your guide.

  • First of all, you don’t need a license to drive a 50-foot yacht. However, companies would ask you to list down your experience with yachts and more importantly, sailing. This would include all the sailing lessons you have taken and trips you have gone on down a resume. You will also undergo an onboard briefing as well as a Q&A session. Taking all of these into account, the company would then decide whether you and your group would be able to handle your chosen boat or any other smaller boat or whether you need a professional captain with you. As long as you have 2 or 3 people who know how to hoist the main, you would be able to go on bareboating. If you’ve no experience sailing, then the company might make you hire a skipper. No matter the circumstance, you still get to decide where to go.
  • Carefully choose an agency where you will charter a boat from. Make sure to ask numerous questions and do some prior research before making a choice.
  • Prices are mostly determined by season and rentals could be limited to 5 or 7 days minimum. Other factors that influence the price are the size of the boat, age, staff and the amenities. During summer, if you fill a boat with friends, it may cost $200 a night per person which would also include the food and drinks. Going bareboating could start as cheap as $50 per head.

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