Accommodate Yourselves In Koh Tao Villas And See What It’s Like There

Thailand has one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. For those who have visited the country, they know the real beauty of its untouched places; thus ensuring a wonderful vacation here. The country is known for its historical culture and there is never a shortage of things to do in this country. As most of the country is untouched by development, you’ll want to relax and stay peaceful in your vacation here. You’ll want to enjoy the most of the Thailand and it starts with accommodations at Koh Tao villas. Here are lovely places to visit in Thailand for your satisfaction and enjoyment:

  • Khao Lak: It’s a marvellous beach in Thailand where it’s just a short drive from the airport. The paradise makes you enjoy a vacation you’ve never done before. The area is hugely uninhabited with lush rainforest nearby and some wildlife to view. In November through December, the water is very warm and you can go fishing and scuba diving the seawater.


  • Phuket: Another great spot in Thailand is Phuket where you can maximize the enjoyment from November till March. You can practically do anything here. The beaches are crowded with people who do all kinds of stuff from watersports to fine dining. You’ll also enjoy the seawater as it is the warmest and the clearest in the world.


  • Phi Phi Don: This is somehow rare to experience in Thailand. It is a remote and nearly unknown place where you’ll surely love to enjoy the beach. It’s once remembered as a location for of a Hollywood film ‘The Beach’, which starred Leonardo Di Caprio. Today, many love to come here to see its breathtaking scenery.


  • West Railay: It’s an undiscovered diamond in Thailand where those on a budget can enjoy the beach. You’ll want to be booked in an accommodation similar to the Koh Tao villas and barely notice that your budget is running out. The sand is milky white and the water is crystal clear. This is a popular place for scuba diving and fishing and can only be accessible through a long tail boat. So plan your trip ahead for an enjoyable and fun vacation.