BBC iPlayer And VPN

Online streaming to catch-up with TV shows has gained popularity over the years. Services have been put up to cater to this popularity and people who most prefer the internet over the actual television. One example of this kind of service is from British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) with its BBC iPlayer. There are certain restrictions though that has been put in place for these kinds of services such as it could be restricted to certain regions only and there are fees in place before the contents can be watched by the viewers. This is certainly the case for BBC iPlayer.

The BBC iPlayer’s access is limited to the residents of the United Kingdom. Other countries around the world may not be able to access this service ideally even those that are geographically near them such as Ireland. BBC iPlayer in Ireland cannot be accessed and shows cannot be watched while in Ireland and this is what both Irish natives and tourists are complaining about. This is because licensing rules and fees have been applied to its usage. However, the people seem to still want to watch using this service. Research studies have shown that in spite of the limits imposed, the BBC shows are still so popular around the world and they use the BBC iPlayer to access the contents. So, how does one do this?

In Ireland, it is already known that this service is restricted. No one can access the service without paying the fee and it might not even be possible due to location conditions. If a user does not have an IP address that states it’s from UK, then don’t expect that the content from BBC iPlayer can be accessed.

Both the residents and tourists in Ireland though have found ways to circumvent around these constraints for BBC iPlayer in Ireland. The use of Virtual Private Networks (VPN) and proxy servers have paved the way to do so. Since the limitation imposed is mainly on IP addressing of regions, these can be bypassed if you have a good VPN service that effective cloaks your identity and pretend that the IP address is from UK. No worries as it’s neither illegal nor breaches any copyright law as buying or downloading content is not the same as streaming but of course, BBC is not fine with it and is also doing its best to block these.