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NASA To Employ Chainmail Tyres With Shape Shifting Feature

While there are many innovations in the tyre industry with the introduction of cheap tyres on the Gold Coast, NASA is breaking grounds with their newly developed tyre. Exploring a foreign planet means a flat tyre is not a welcome situation thus NASA decided to develop tyres made chainmail.

The tyres will be composed titanium nickel formed into a weave. This alloy is known for its ability to go back to its previous shape which is ideal to make sure that the tyre will not suffer dents.

The developers of the tyres are experts based in Glenn Research Centre under NASA located in Cleveland, Ohio. The idea was first discussed in the middle of 2000s. It was a concept by VivakeAsnani who is an engineer working for NASA. She collaborated with Goodyear in order to create the Spring Tyre which is an airless type composed of steel wires formed into coils and turned into flexible mesh.

The Spring Tyre turned out to have excellent traction and it is durable even when used over rocks and sand. The design was utilized by the Mars Curiosity Rover and the vehicle is currently on an exploration in Mars.

The rover landed on 2012 and a year later, engineers saw that the wheels are suffering great damage because of the harsh terrain on the planet which they did not expect. This made them doubt if the rover will be able to drive far away in order to finish its mission.

To solve the issue, NASA engineers Santo Padula together with Colin Creager found a solution by using a new material which is an alloy with titanium as the base. Mr. Padula said that the material does not suffer deformation which is common in other materials.

The material is unique because its atom can rearrange in order to compensate for the deformation. They are able to deform the material as much as 30 times before any permanent dent could occur.

While this may not be a feasible option in consumer vehicles, there are cheap tyres on the Gold Coast with a wide variety of options.

Why Businesses Have To Embrace The Latest Technologies

Innovations in technology have introduced mobile phones to this generation. Aside from communications, mobile phones have made it easy and convenient to take high quality photographs. Images captured through the camera of the mobile phone can be transformed into canvas art print because of improvements in printing technology.

Has Silicon Valley displaced New York and London as the center of business? The number one force that is changing global business is technology and the computer industry is located in Silicon Valley. Even if a business is not actually connected to technology, trends that emerge from the computer industry have a great effect on business.

Businesses with the goal to thrive in the digital age have to adapt and take advantage of ever-evolving and adaptive technology to stay relevant and useful. New technology like cloud computing, mobile and wearables are the trends that businesses have to embrace if they want to stay ahead in the game.

Technology has also introduced payments through credit cards and payment portals like PayPal. The hassle of making payments when shopping online has been eliminated. Even your grandmother who is not tech savvy can easily follow the instructions through a few clicks on the computer or a few taps on the screen of the mobile phone. According to research firm Gartner the industry of mobile phone payments is predicted to be worth $270 billion in transactions by 2017.

However, adopting technology trends is not always a bed of roses for businesses. Security concerns became widespread so that businesses have to ensure that all holes are closed and systems adequately protected. Data transport has to be encrypted to prevent hackers from stealing valuable information. Security has been strengthened so that viruses will not compromise entire systems. Security has become a fundamental policy to avoid the likelihood of being a victim of security breaches.

Making orders for canvas art print has been made easier through a list of simple instructions. You can choose between standard size and custom size. Expert graphic designers will take care of ensuring that the best results are generated from the image. They will also take care of optimizing contrast, sharpness and removal of red eye at no extra cost.

Technologies That Helped Shape Modern Web Design

Technology is something that constantly develops and one that we cannot stop. This is important for us in order to move on and reach our highest potentials as human being. The application of technology is limitless and it plays an important role in modern web design. There are a lot of things to look forward to but majority of these changes are dues to technology evolving.

Let us take for example the chat interface. It was introduced in web design with the expectation that customer behaviour will change along with it. Communication technology has evolved so much that we are now accustomed to communicating with other people through the use of various devices and mediums. From the traditional typewriter, we have moved on to use telephones and then text messaging comes into the picture. The latest trend in communication is instant messaging. There are now a number of messenger apps used all over the world such as Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and many others. With the popularity of these messenger applications, businesses are thinking of changing the user interface they are using. Chat interface is now slowly gaining popularity as they have realized that they are able to combine e-commerce with customer service and social media networking.

Machine learning is now starting to take off because of the introduction of open source programs. Eventually, it is foreseen that machine learning will eventually develop into the backbone of the digital era. Machine learning has a lot of uses – it can learn how humans talk and it can even learn how to layout a certain website. Through machine learning, each website may be catered to each customer personally from the language up to the layout used.

User experience will eventually be replaced with customer experience. Everything being developed nowadays, from websites to applications, should not be separated from the whole customer experience. Designers should be able to see the bigger picture by developing something that will provide a lifetime of value for customers. As a website design agency does, every digital tool should be used in a way that will improve the customer experience.

The Latest Trend In Interior Jet Designing

If you have travelled by air before then you will know the struggles that every passenger faces – from the limit to the weigh baggage, the queue when it comes to security lines, seats that does not recline as much as you desire it to as well as the fact that there might be a crying baby on the flight. This might be the case for many but for those who have the money to spare in a Boeing 787, which cost around $300 to $400 million, flying will no longer be a struggle but an experience to look forward to because of the luxury that comes with it, not to mention the integrated design of the vessel.

CEO Stephen Vella is also the founder of Kestrel Aviation Management, an aviation company that has been in partnership with Pierrejean Design Studio located in Paris. The two have been partners for 15 years already and they were able to create aircraft interior design that is far from the usual cabins in regular flights. The ones they create are more personalized and with harmonious space that is compliant of the requirement set by the Federal Aviation Administration or FAA when it comes to safety and regulation standards.

According to Stephen Vella, when designing a space, what they desire if that the passenger would sit up and never want to stand back up again because everything they need are ergonomically located to where they are sitting – be it laptop storage or a water bottle. Passengers will have everything they need from a place where they can hang their jackets and space where they can store loose change. He revealed that the company is committed by paying attention to the smallest details and anticipating everything that the user might need.

He also revealed how they use multisensory experience in order to make the space calmer. Passengers travelling for more than 12 hours straight, for business or pleasure, would want a place where they have the chance to unwind. The design is manipulated through the use of lighting and colors, noise debasement as well as humidification. Thailand interior design is also well known and worth looking at if you are looking for inspirations to use in your private plane.


Implementing A Strategic Web Design

You probably have heard that it is important to have a strategic design for your website. Perhaps you might wonder how to implement such strategic design. Here are the steps to follow in implementing these.

  • Clearly establish your goals. This is the first thing that you need to work out before you start to design your website. You have to know what the goals of your organization are. Likewise you need to know what you are trying to achieve with the new web design. What is the main purpose of your website? Ask you manager or client what those are. If you are not sure then you should have this cleared out first for you to proceed to the next phase.
  • Know your audience. Your target market will play a great role in how you will design your website, on how it should function and look. There are plenty of demographics that will influence the kind of design that you will implement like age, gender, technical competency and profession. A serious business journal should be designed differently from a gaming website for the younger audience. The usability should play a much bigger role for less technical savvy and older audiences. The general aesthetic of your website should determine smaller details like the sizes of fonts in order to make sure that you will be able to relay your information clearly to your target audience. There are plenty of business websites that failed and this is no exception to Disney. In one of their websites before, the web design and layout did not offer something entertaining and catchy to the eyes of the kids who are their main target. The content was not wrapped with fun, colorful interfaces and interactive elements. The owners then decided to scrap the website and redesign it.
  • Determine the image of your brand that you want to portray to the public. A lot of web designers get a little inspired by the latest trends and then implement these immediately without contemplating if it is the right image that the company should convey. You can ask the guidance of masters at

Find Out How You Can Build A Successful Online Store

Ecommerce has become one of the fastest growing industries in the world today and it would seem like it would only keep on growing. The fact that more and more people are turning to mobile devices also play a huge factor in this. Now, if you’re still in the traditional bricks-and-mortar business then maybe it is time for you to rethink your plans for your business. It would be best if you branch into the world of online retail as well because, right now, that is where the biggest opportunities lie. Doing so would also open your business to countless of potential clients from all over the Internet.

Now, if you are wondering how to start an online store, then let this article be your guide.

  1. The first thing you would have to do is get a solid ecommerce platform that you will use to build your online store. The ecommerce platform you choose will play a great role in determining your online store’s success. It would have to include all the important features as well as extras that would enhance your online store but should not be too complicated to work with.
  2. Next, when you design your online store, you would have to bear in mind how your customers will work through the site. Make the design user friendly and understandable.
  3. Create an attractive but not too complicated home page. Remember, your homepage is the first thing that potential customers will see so make it engaging and convincing enough for them to continue on with the site.
  4. Always think about making conversions. Make every feature of your online store conversion-motivated.
  5. Make sure to create an engaging product page that would bring out the best in your products. Make sure your products appear as clear as possible and should be designed in a way that would appeal to consumers.
  6. The checkout is also an important part of the online store. To avoid cart abandonment, you should make sure that the checkout is smooth like silk without the hassles of multiple clicks.
  7. Always double check your online store in order to make sure that everything is going smooth.

Helpful Tips When Starting A Costume Design Business

Business making is probably one of the most profitable trades out there. Because of this, numerous people are actually leaving their professional jobs to start their own businesses. Although when doing so, one would have to consider the profitability of the business as compared to your professional job’s regular income. Also, you need to carefully choose the type of business you will engage in and make sure it is something that you are passionate about.

Probably one of the most fun and profitable way to earn a living is to start a costume design business. When you enter the costume design industry, your main job is to create clothing for theatre, shows, special events, television and even films.

If you wish to start a costume design business, you can follow these helpful tips.

  1. Gather Experience. Gathering experience is important if you want to start a business in costume design. When you gather experience, you will not only be learning and improving on your skills, you will also be able to make contacts with potential future clients. Also, you will learn how to become more competitive through experience. Gathering experience can also mean an apprenticeship or a volunteer job.
  2. Professional Look. If you are going to engage in costume design, then people would naturally expect you to have good taste in fashion. You never know when you will meet a potential client that is why it is important that you always look your best especially when you are outside.
  3. Great Equipment. You would also need to invest on high quality equipment. They don’t always have to be of the latest model but it is important that you can acquire equipment that would last.
  4. Effective Research. In this trade, you would always have to be up-to-date with the latest trends. You would also need to buy books that are necessary to your work. No matter if you are only focusing on a single specialty like theatre or movie costumes, it is important that you always conduct effective research.
  5. Excellent Portfolio. Most of the time, client would ask for your portfolio. Your portfolio may be the thing that influences a client’s decision that is why it is important that you present them your best portfolio.

The Common Mistakes That Web Designers Should Avoid

Web designers know a lot of things about web design. However, despite their vast knowledge on the topic they are still making the same unfortunate choices every time they make a design. As these design firms, agencies and independent designers are busy making websites for their clients, they have forgotten to update their own websites and make it up to date to the current trends and practices.

Here are some of the common mistakes that web designers should avoid:

  • You need to avoid creating a flash intro that visitors cannot skip. It’s already 2015 and the flash intro is still a thing. What is even worse is that if the intro is not skipped, things will go to a bad start. You are preventing the user from doing or seeing her urgent needs. You are preventing the user from being productive. Imagine if you are forced to sit down in movie theaters to watch previews before the movie starts. You surely will not appreciate this.
  • You need to avoid creating your entire website in flash. An all flash website will definitely take you back to the year 2006. But this has a major impact on the visitors of your website. No one who is making use of an iOS will be able to view your website. This is definitely killing your mobile reach. There are places that you can use Flash with but you have to play it very smart and you need to consider your target audience. Users have to see your website if they do not have the plug-in.
  • Avoid having an unfriendly to mobile website. If you are designing a website for the web, you need to think about the content friendly to mobile phones. It is recommended that you take a mobile first approach when planning, conceiving, copyrighting, review and testing including the release and revisions of the website.

If you are looking for a website to help you in designing your own website, you can visit The company employs expert web designers and ensures that they meet the requirements of their clients.