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Technology Tools To Make Wedding Planning More Fun

Planning a wedding can be both exciting and stressing that is why there is wedding planner in Sydney to help you design and manage the amazing event. Wedding planners have contacts and resources that can provide the different products important for the wedding day. When it comes to wedding planning, there are various tools available that will make the process more fun.

The Knot, a website that has helped plan 25 million weddings in two decades is introducing a new wedding planning platform where all current wedding services can be integrated into a single, efficient and smooth-running offering.

The new platform will allow couples to answer several questions on what they want their wedding to be like. A vision board will be created so that the couple will gain a quick glimpse on the colours and aesthetics of their dream wedding. Afterwards, the platform will provide a timeline and checklist so that the couple can tackle each stage of the process in an organized and efficient way. The platform also includes a minute-by-minute schedule up to the wedding day itself.

The wedding platform launched by The Knot is not a one-of-its-kind platform. There are similar end-to-end wedding planning services like the wedding platform registry by Zalora. However, the wedding platform of The Knot incorporates vender recommendations at every stage of the process with the database containing hundreds of thousands of wedding vendors.

When couples use the wedding platform, they will receive prompts on the vendors that are close to the wedding venue and specialize in the event they require. The couple can send the vendors to their inspiration board to gain an idea on their personal visions. RSVP and guest information can also be pulled directly from the couple’s wedding website so that it will be easier to communicate with guests.

The idea of working with wedding planner in Sydney is to make wedding planning less stressful but more fun. Couples typically spend hours choosing vendors and every element of décor, ceremony and reception. Couples do not have to be overwhelmed with the number of decisions that have to be made. Wedding planners can make the process easier and more exciting.

How Technology Changed Corporate Events

We are now living in 2017. This is the age where technology is an essential part of our daily lives, be it in the home or in the office. As soon as we wake up, we reach for our smartphones and we use various gadgets and technologies all throughout the day. It is inevitable that technology eventually changes the corporate events in Sydney and how it is being organized and implemented.

Gone are the days when everyone relies on projectors and PowerPoint presentations to present their case but offices now have the option to present through 3D printing and holograms. Meetings can be done by participants from all over the world eliminating the need to travel. How does technology changed the way corporate events are done?

Corporate events are not complete if not promoted through various social media platforms. This is the easiest way to reach participants and suppliers during the event. The promotion does not cost a thing too. Through chat groups and forums, employees can decide on various things such as the venue without the need to find a schedule where everyone can meet in their free time. Photos and ideas can easily be shared through these platforms. This is also the cheapest for of advertisement as printing posters and flyers is no longer necessary.

During the actual day of the event, augmented reality can be incorporated. There are many ways to integrate augmented reality and one of the most popular these days is through the use of 360 degree panoramic shots. This can be posted online and the audience can feel as if they are actually attending the event. Mobile apps can also be developed to enhance the augmented reality experience.

Planning and organizing corporate events in Sydney can be time consuming. Not everyone who is involved have the same free time thus finding a common time to meet can be a hassle. This is where video conferencing come in. The team can meet and plan through video call and they will be able to achieve more in the process as they go about their daily workloads.