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All The Things You Need To Know About Water Bottles

Disposable plastic bottles are probably one of the most common things people see in their day-to-day lives However, there have been many issues connected with plastic bottles. So if you want to know more about disposable plastic bottles, then here are the facts.

It is definitely true that by drinking bottled water, you are helping to increase the waste problem that the world is suffering from today. In the US alone, it is estimated that around 2.5 million water bottles are disposed every hour. What’s worse is that the recycling rate for plastic bottles is only at 27% which means that majority of the plastic bottles thrown away would ultimately end up in landfills and even on water systems. The world clearly has a plastic bottle addiction and it is killing the planet.

There are people who would reuse these plastic bottles but reusing them can also have a negative side since bacteria and some chemicals may form inside these bottles and it can seep through the water. But regardless of these bad sides, people would still opt to use disposable bottles because they are alleged to be ‘safer’ than tap water. But according to, tap water is in fact much more regulated than bottled water. This means that drinking tap water might actually be safer than bottled water. Also, most bottled water today comes from tap water supplies so there is actually not much difference except for the fact that plastic bottles are wasteful and harmful for the environment whereas tap water is more convenient and cost-efficient for people. Furthermore, a good filter can make your tap water better than bottled water.

So if you want to avoid using plastic disposable water bottles, then there is a safer and better alternative. Buying reusable water bottles would not only provide you with a more convenient way for drinking, it is also more cost-effective in the long run seeing as you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars each year in disposable plastic bottles. Reusable water bottles come in many different types. You can buy one made from stainless steel, aluminum or even glass.

All You Need To Know About Compression Clothing

If you have tried exercising or training in gyms ten years ago, you will find people in their best clothes which are typically baggy. Oversized T-shirts and loose sweatpants were the norm apparel a decade ago since these were comfortable to wear and also had the added benefit of hiding the areas of people’s body that they were trying to get into shape. Today however, most cyclists, runners and people exercising in gyms are wearing tight and sleek sportswear when working out or training.

These apparels are commonly referred to as compression clothing. These tight and snug garments are made considering every part of your body including hoods, skull caps, arm sleeves, calf guards and socks. Across the industry, both people in the fitness clothing store and athletes would say that this trend of buying and wearing snug outfits is gaining popularity.

What is the science behind compression clothing? Scientifically it is said that applying a balanced pressure on the surfaces of specific body parts will trigger an acceleration of the flow of blood in that certain part. Furthermore, it will also increase delivery of oxygen to different muscle groups that are being worked out in order to enhance the performance of the muscles. The improvement in blood circulation will help the body reduce the lactic acid as well as other metabolic wastes build-up. The benefits of the compression clothing will allow the user to work at a much higher rate and for a longer period of time.

Another benefit of compression clothing is the ability of the fabric to be able to draw moisture away from one’s body and keep the wearer warmer during cold seasons and cooler in warm seasons. Additionally, this type of apparel is made with an anti-bacterial material. This means that even if you are sweating, you are less likely to have undesirable body odor. Since these items are sleek and that most people will prefer the color black, you will not only feel good while wearing the compression apparel but you will likewise look good on it. This type of performance sportswear can be bought in your nearest sports apparel store or you may visit the trusted retailer Proviz.

Recent Development In Laser Eye Surgery

Though there are other alternative for people with poor eyesight such as correction glasses and contact lenses, more and more patients are considering laser treatment thus the increase of visitors on which is an efficient website when finding a suitable eye clinic.

Despite the fact that correction glasses and contact lenses are available, laser eye surgery still presents a more convenient option which makes everyday life easier for those with poor eyesight. It is no fun going to the beach and swimming while you have to wipe your glasses every few minutes. Those contact lenses can also prove to be a nuisance when swimming and salt water gets inside your eye which can cause irritation. With this, more patients are considering laser treatment and letting those glasses go permanently. When it comes to laser eye surgery, LASIK is the most known to many because it has been available for a number of years. Since technology advances, it is not surprising that another laser procedure has been making its wave.

This new laser procedure is called the SMILE laser eye surgery or Small Incision Lenticule Extraction laser eye surgery. It is the most recent procedure used to correct the cornea. This procedure is designed to help short-sighted individuals stop being dependent on their glasses. The procedure uses a high speed laser called femtosecond laser which is responsible in separating the lenticule which is found inside the eye’s cornea. Upon separation, the tissue is then extracted which changes the shape of your eye and also makes it possible to see clearly without the help of correction glasses.

SMILE laser eye surgery can be performed on patients whose short-sightedness is moderate to very high with a range of -3 to -10 dioptres. If the patient has astigmatism then this is also a perfect treatment option. If LASIK can’t be performed on a patient because of a condition called dry eye then this eye laser treatment is suitable for that individual. Unlike LASIK procedure, SMILE does not create any flap inside the cornea and the process is not highly invasive which creates very minimal effect on the treated eye.