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Accountant Insurance As Protection Against Cybercrimes

Cybercrime is a threat that accountants cannot afford to ignore. Accountants handle sensitive financial information for their clients and data theft can put them at great risk. It is important for accountants to mitigate the risk through accountant insurance to avoid serious financial consequences. Accountants face different unique challenges which requireproper coverage against potential liabilities.

Hackers and scammers are all over the web and even the small accountant from the suburbs is not safe from the risks of losing important data. It is not just the threat of ransomware that accounting firms must be aware off but the data theft hackers who can earn easy money by selling the client’s information on the dark web.

The most common solution against ransomware is to backup files using cloud services instead of giving in to the demands of hackers. However, there are instances when cloud storage is not enough. For example, an independent practitioner chose to have her data wiped out and restore the backups instead of paying money. Unfortunately, her data backup strategy was not foolproof; she did not have the necessary discs to reinstall the old software.

The practitioner purchased a new version of the software but it failed to load data backups in the old file format. If she used subscription cloud services and paid a few dollars to secure data online with the latest version of the application, she would have been spared the frustrating circumstances. However, the impact of cyber attacks is far wider than the data on your desktop.

Big accounting firms can afford millions of dollars in losses but local accountants and bookkeepers may face serious financial loses. There are ways to protect data against cyber attacks through firewalls, and up-to-date anti-virus and anti-malware. It also makes sense to have accountant insurance to provide coverage against various risks faced by the profession.

Demand for accountant insurance has dramatically increased because of the proliferation of cyber attacks. The insurance provides protection in areas like PR management, breach notifications, business interruptions and third party losses. Do not ignore the threats to your profession; start to understand your exposure and prepare yourself through insurance.

BBC iPlayer And VPN

Online streaming to catch-up with TV shows has gained popularity over the years. Services have been put up to cater to this popularity and people who most prefer the internet over the actual television. One example of this kind of service is from British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) with its BBC iPlayer. There are certain restrictions though that has been put in place for these kinds of services such as it could be restricted to certain regions only and there are fees in place before the contents can be watched by the viewers. This is certainly the case for BBC iPlayer.

The BBC iPlayer’s access is limited to the residents of the United Kingdom. Other countries around the world may not be able to access this service ideally even those that are geographically near them such as Ireland. BBC iPlayer in Ireland cannot be accessed and shows cannot be watched while in Ireland and this is what both Irish natives and tourists are complaining about. This is because licensing rules and fees have been applied to its usage. However, the people seem to still want to watch using this service. Research studies have shown that in spite of the limits imposed, the BBC shows are still so popular around the world and they use the BBC iPlayer to access the contents. So, how does one do this?

In Ireland, it is already known that this service is restricted. No one can access the service without paying the fee and it might not even be possible due to location conditions. If a user does not have an IP address that states it’s from UK, then don’t expect that the content from BBC iPlayer can be accessed.

Both the residents and tourists in Ireland though have found ways to circumvent around these constraints for BBC iPlayer in Ireland. The use of Virtual Private Networks (VPN) and proxy servers have paved the way to do so. Since the limitation imposed is mainly on IP addressing of regions, these can be bypassed if you have a good VPN service that effective cloaks your identity and pretend that the IP address is from UK. No worries as it’s neither illegal nor breaches any copyright law as buying or downloading content is not the same as streaming but of course, BBC is not fine with it and is also doing its best to block these.

Tips In Choosing Windows Training Institute

There are several reasons why a person would seek Microsoft certification. For one, Microsoft Windows are essential part in performing day to day operations in the office. Knowing how to troubleshoot and manage Windows would highly benefit not just the employees but the entire organization as well. With proper Windows training, a company no longer has to hire Windows technicians since its workforce can already perform installation, management and troubleshooting its operating systems. However, the efficacy of the employees would rely much on where they obtained their training and certification from. In order to ensure that you get quality training carefully consider where you are going to take the training course. Here are some points to look at:

Microsoft certified instructors

Do not just obtain your training from anyone who claims to be knowledgeable on Windows. Make sure that they have the accompanying certification from Microsoft as a proof that they are skilled and trained enough to transfer knowledge to other people. Before you register to a Windows training, check the professional background of the instructor including the trainings he has gone through to ensure that he is qualified to teach.

Microsoft certified

Apart from Microsoft certified instructors, you should also check the background of the institute from where you intend to get your training from. A reputable learning institute should be a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner for Learning Solutions. This means that the institution is accredited by Microsoft to impart knowledge about their systems, applications and different programs. This also means that their modules are reviewed and approved by Microsoft making the lessons reliable and high quality. Without this certification, learning institutions are not recognized by Microsoft and should be opted out from your potential institution to enrol from.

Trusted by students

Only acquire your Windows training from a trusted learning institute. Therefore, the institution’s ratings by former students should be checked. Avoid a learning centre with poor feedback and rating from its former students and with low number of enrolees. Always choose a learning centre which is recommended by its former students.

The Importance Of Physical And Data Storage For A Business

Storage through has become rather popular for accounting offices, law firms and marketing organizations because of the large amount of files and documents that have to be archived over the course their lifetime. provides a secure space with climate control option to ensure that molds and mildew will not destroy that information that has been a product of hard work for years.

However, physical storage will just cover the most immediate needs. When considering storage it is important to have an eye for the future. In the old days, a server is enough for storage; but it often happens that the single server is overloaded with data causing stress to a business because files are either moved or deleted to provide space. There are also instances when a server is underutilized making the business wonder why money was invested on capacity that will not be used.

In today’s world, storage is usually held centrally. Each of the servers is allocated a portion of a storage pool and if the application needs more, its allocation is increased as needed. This system of data storage has its advantages because the storage appliance can be loaded up with enough capacity to get by with the current needs and more disks can be added when needed. This is frequently done without interruptions to the business.

To put it simply, hard drives come in two types: HDD and SSD. HDD means hard disk drive which is the traditional hard drive used in computers since the 1970’s. SSD is solid state drive that is the new kid on the block. SSDs are generally faster and they are made from solid state memory that is similar to the RAM in the computer. SSD’s are intelligent systems that can move data to the fastest storage when it is being used then back to HDDs when there is less demand.

There is also a SAN or storage area network that is accessed by a server over a network. It is like a USB drive that is attached to the server. There are also several variants of the SCSI protocol like ICSI and that uses SCSI protocol but maps it over the popular TCP/IP network protocol and the Fiber Channel Protocol that maps SCSI over Fiber Channel.

A Breakthrough in Memory Technology through 3D Xpoint Technology by Intel

For decades, industries have searched for a solution to reduce the lag time between the processor and data to achieve a faster analysis. Today, Intel Corporation and Micron Technology has unveiled 3D XPoint Technology that has the potential to revolutionize any device, application or service that benefits from fast access into large sets of data. 3D XPoint Technology is a major breakthrough in memory process technology and the first new memory category ever since NAND flash was introduced in 1989.

Massive amounts of new data are generated from the explosion of connected and digital services. In order for this massive amount of data to be useful, it needs to be stored and analyzed very quickly. This is the challenge faced by service providers and system builders because they have to balance cost, power and performance trade-offs in the design of memory and storage solutions.

3D XPoint Technology will provide performance, density, power, non-volatility and cost benefits for all available memory technologies in the market. The technology boasts of up to 1,000 times faster and up to 1,000 times greater endurance compared to NAND flash with 10 times more density than conventional memories. This new class of non-volatile memory achieves the goal that industries have been seeking for in their memory and storage solutions.

The performance of 3D XPoint Technology could also enhance the PC experience so that consumers will enjoy faster interactive social media and faster collaboration to achieve a better gaming experience. The non-volatile nature of the new technology will be a great choice for low latency storage applications since data will not be erased even if the power is turned off.

Retailers will also benefit from 3D XPoint Technology because it will allow them to quickly identify fraud patterns in financial transactions. Healthcare researchers will also be able to process large amounts of data in real time to accelerate complex tasks like genetic analysis and disease tracking.

3D XPoint Technology is a product of more than a decade of research and development to address the needs for a non-volatile, high performance, high endurance and high capacity and memory for an affordable cost.