Different Equipment Used In Plaster Spraying

Plaster is used since the ancient times and modern plasterers in Sydney have already adopted new methods in plastering through the help of modern technology. One of these methods is known as plaster spraying. This is when a plasterer is able to cover a drywall five times faster compared to traditional method. This method is done by using a hand float to apply the plaster into the surface. It is recommended to use only pre-mixed plaster which is organic in plaster sprayers. This is placed inside the plastic bag in order to eliminate the need to clean the machine after the application.

It is also possible to use plaster that is gypsum-based but it needs to be verified as spray grade before using. During the entire process, it is important to make sure that the plaster remains moist. There are a number of benefits when using pre-mixed plaster. First is that the remaining mixture can be used later on which means nothing is wasted. Second, the plasterer no longer needs to carry water in order to create the mixture.

It is possible for a plasterer to finish the job in less than a day using pre-mixed plaster as long as the humidity and the ambient temperature are favourable. There are four different kinds of plaster sprayer equipment.

  • Pneumatic Sprayer. This is the most common as well as the simplest equipment among the four. It comes with a hopper that contains the material and it is attached to an air compressor. The air travels from the hopper’s bottom which brings the plaster out through the outputs and into the wall. The tool is not hard to clean and is quite affordable.
  • Peristaltic Pump. Not a lot of model plaster sprayers have the peristaltic pump. It also needs air compressor in order to spray but it can handle coatings with texture as big as 3mm.
  • Worm-drive Pump. This comes with a pump that is attached to a spray gun with a nozzle between 4 and 8 mm. it comes with rubber stator therefore it cannot be used with materials that are solvent-based.
  • Piston Pump. This is the latest plaster sprayer used by some plasterers in Sydney which can operate without an air compressor as long as the plaster is smooth or untextured.