High-Tech Ways To Make Weddings More Memorable

Just like fashion and decor, two fields commonly associated with weddings, the wedding industry goes through several trends, like poofy bridesmaids sleeves. Weddings and wedding catering in Sydney has seen its fair share of weird tech, but technology can be helpful in adding beauty to weddings and making them memorable.

From GIF booths to drone photography, there’s a lot of technology being introduced to weddings to help improve and modernize the experience.

Capturing the moment

Inevitably, there are a lot of moments a bride and groom will miss on their special day. But technology now allows for creative ways to capture candid moments during the occasion, beyond the very traditional POV of a photographer and/or a video grapher.

Go Pros

Go Pros, contrary to the common belief, are more than just for extreme sports. It’s becoming increasingly common for brides to tuck these cameras into their bouquets or in the Maid of Honor’s flowers, or somewhere on the officiant. These point of views are unique, and allow for the capturing of the wedding in a way that otherwise wouldn’t be captured. At the reception, some even attach a camera to the disco ball or an alcohol bottle to get candid moments; maybe the wedding catering in Sydney is great, maybe someone had a hilarious mishap, or maybe there’s a sweet moment to capture.

GIF booths

Photo booths are popular at weddings for obvious reasons, but, now, there’s a new iteration gaining popularity in the age of social media; GIF booths. These photo booths have cameras that take quick burts of photos in order to string them together in order to create a stop-motion-style clip. These booths are also connected to the internet, letting guests and even the couple instantly upload their GIFs to social media sites like Facebook or Twitter.

3D Printing

Amore recent development aimed at changing how we create things, it’s changing how keepsakes are made. Online marketplaces for 3D printed products are now on the internet, letting people get silver and gold accessories and keepsakes for the special day when they need. There’s even some that allow couples and customers to design their own things and print it out.

Maker Bot 3D Printer

There’s an actual product, the Maker Bot Replicator Mini 3D Printer, which lets favours get printed out during the reception. It adds that personal, impromptu appeal to the keepsakes.

Beauty apps

Considering how important it is to look good for the big day, it comes to no surprise that that beauty apps, which help them with their hair and makeup, are becoming increasingly popular. From delivering salon specialists to your door, to letting them test which makeup works best, these apps help them look the best.