Houzz Uses Augmented Reality In Its Latest Feature

Houzz has always been pretty forward with technology that is why it was not a big surprise when the company announced that it is bringing augmented reality as its new feature in the mobile app. The latest feature is free to enable homeowners and buyers to visualize how a home would look when limestone floor tiles are used.

The augmented reality feature is part of Houzz’s View in My Room 3D tool. In order to use the feature, people can tap on the View in My Room 3D button which can be found on the product page of the 3D- enabled tile product. This will launch the feature on the iPhone, iPad or Android gadget.

The floors will be scanned and the perimeters pointed so that the floor can be populated by tile in 3D. The cost of populating the floor with tiles will also be estimated by the aforementioned 3D-enabled project.

According to Sally Huang, head of visual technologies at Houzz, there is a big difference between imagining how a sample tile will look when used throughout the room and being able to view a room’s entire floor covered with the new tile through augmented reality. Our View in My Room 3D tool is immersive and useful in discovering, selecting and buying the best tiles for their space including the correct quantity that has to be purchased.

The technology can detect the location and orientation of floors so that homeowners can envision how their floors will look like with tiles they have chosen. If the homeowner is not sure with the choice, the scene that has been created on the screen with the new tile can be saved as photo. This will allow the homeowner to share the photo with the architect, family and whoever else has an interest on the choice.

The Our View in My Room 3D tool is the same as amber tiles visualizer where you select a room and the colour and pattern of limestone floor tiles to view how the room will look. You can even choose the colour of the grout including the paint to help in making a confident purchase decision.