How Brisbane Pest Control Can Detect Rodent Problems

Rodent problem can be discovered a bit too late. You hear gnawing and scratching at night. There can be scampering, scurrying and squealing. If these noises are familiar to you, then your home is infested with rodents. If you don’t act immediately, one or two rats can multiply fast and you can have them all over your home. Note that rodents can cause significant damage to your home, cause illnesses and may put your home at risk with fire. That’s why you need a Brisbane pest control for treatment and complete eradication. So, below are four signs you have a rodent problem:

  • Droppings

Never ignore dungs in your home. Though rodents can be undetected as they are more concentrated in a specific area, you need to check other parts of your home, like under the fridge or at the back of a cupboard, which are areas less likely cleaned. Check all corners of your home, especially where the trash is, to easily do away with the rodents. If they come in huge numbers, have them treated by a Brisbane pest control for eradication.

  • Watch Out for the Smell

Rodents have a different fusty smell. Once you have rats and mice in your home, they will create and follow urine trails as they move around your household. The trails may be undetected by the naked eye, but they leave a foul smell. Note that they are carriers of disease, like leptospirosis, and you need to be careful, especially if you have kids and pets.

  • Damage

Rodents are destructive creatures that can surely damage your home. As they constantly breed, they can build nests from a roof insulation or paper they come across with. They shred and spread it around using their teeth. Unfortunately, they can be gnawing on your electrical wiring, which can lead to appliance damage, house fire or even electrocution. If there is a problem with the electrical system, ensure you have it checked for safety and security.

  • Nocturnal and Noisy

Rats and mice are nocturnal and noisy. They can be busy mating, fighting, serenading and scavenging, the moment you sleep at night. If you hear noises on the roof or walls, you’re in for a serious rodent problem. So, contact a Brisbane pest control for advice on how to eradicate these pests.