How To Receive A Booked Plumber At Home

If you have already decided to hire a plumber, the next thing for you to do is set a schedule for the actual repair or plumbing installation. To reduce the costs, set the schedule on a weekday as it is generally cheaper to hire plumbers on weekdays. Aside from that, most of the people at home are in the office or in school so the plumber can work better and it would be less inconvenience for your family. If possible, avoid emergency calls unless it is really an emergency plumbing situation. Calls made at night and during weekends and holidays are also pricier.

When you have already set a schedule for the plumbing job in your premises, consider these receiving tips:

Ask for a company ID

Before you allow the plumber to gain entry into your house, make it a point to ask for proper identification from the technician. Validate the information from the company that hires him by calling them and state the name of the plumber that they have supposedly sent. Do not let a plumber into your house without proper identification. Inform your family members about the presence of a plumber in our home and the company he belongs to especially if you are alone in the house during the repair.

Take the plumber to the work site

Take the plumber directly to the area where he would do the job. It could be in your bathroom, the basement, backyard or any other site in the house. As a courtesy, do not leave him alone to find his way to the work area.

Allow him to do his job

Plumbers, bathroom fitters and other manual jobs require concentration. Some plumbing installations and repairs can be challenging so allow the plumber to focus on his job. Avoid unnecessary small talks unless it is really related to the job on hand. Allow the plumber to concentrate and work as fast as he can especially if he is paid by the hour. Keep your valuables and important items locked inside the bedroom.