How You Can Start Your Own Plumbing Business

No one had ever expected plumbing to become such a lucrative business. It just happened and now majority of the world’s homes are benefitting from this growth in the plumbing industry. Becoming a plumber and starting your own company can be very difficult. You would need to have training and a few critical things.

If you are planning to become a plumber and to start your own plumbing business, there are a few things that you would need to do. To start your own plumbing company, you need to follow three steps.


The first step is to become an apprentice. You can only become a full-pledged plumber once you have acquired the experience and the skills that can only come from an apprenticeship. Apprenticeships can last to a couple of years but on the positive note, you will be able to acquire a list of names that could prove to become potential clients in the future.

Becoming an apprentice also means that you would need to take courses that are relevant to the plumbing trade. There are numerous colleges that offer these courses but if you would be enrolling in one, make sure to go for the ones that offer technical education.


Make sure to decide if you want a particular focus for your company. Plumbing can also mean selling numerous plumbing tools and you can focus just on that but you can also go for providing plumbing services to numerous people.

You would also need to create a business plan. This means extensive research regarding the costs, the objective and the pricing of the services or products. Next, you would have to register your business then acquire a license. But this all comes after you have secured the funding for your business. Afterwards, the last thing you should do is get the supplies and the tools that you would need. You can also hire employees if needed.


The final step is marketing. You would need to promote your business in order to acquire customers. You can do this in the form of word-of-mouth, where you ask other people to spread the news of your business, or traditional, where you make use of fliers and ads. You can also create a website so that you will also have an online base for your company.  Pro-Jett’s is a good example of a website offering plumbing services.