LED Lighting Technology To Replace Traditional Lighting Systems

Can a group of street lights be remotely turned on or off through a mobile app? Buddy Stefanoff has demonstrated a technology wherein a light tap on the screen of his mobile phone switched on a bright LED light instantly on a streetlight fixture placed on a stand across the room.

Buddy Stefanoff is the vice president and senior design engineer of Crossroads LED that is developing high output LED technology. It is expected that LED lighting will soon replace incandescent lamps, fluorescent lights and high intensity discharge lighting for almost all lighting applications.

Crossroads LED started through multi-colour lighting for the amusement and entertainment industries but with the growth of the company, diversification in the commercial and industrial white lighting markets became necessary. Today, Crossroads LED has diversified into design and manufacture of multicolour and white LED lighting systems that are very important for museums, theatres, arenas, city civic centres and large venues.

Cities and municipalities can make use of LED lighting to save hundreds of thousands of dollars in energy and maintenance costs.  One of the projects of Crossroads in Santa Fe, Mexico provided retrofit solutions for decorative and historical fixtures. The 250-watt metal halide fixtures were converted into a 70-watt LED lighting platform to save Santa Fe more than 100,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity annually.

Crossroads LED has also completed other projects that include the advance caution lighting system along a catch fence at Texas Motor Speedway in Fort Worth, Texas. The company has also installed a patented Infinity multicolour lighting system for Coca Cola Museum located in Atlanta.

All the high-wattage house lights at the Rabobank Arena in Bakersfield, California have also been retrofitted as well as the illuminated scholarship plaques on the Fold of Honor facility in Owasso. Currently ongoing is retrofitting of 175-watt acorn-style post top lights in Tulsa with 70-watt LED retrofit luminaries.

One of the versatile lighting systems with small footprints is the 12-volt LED strip lighting that can be used for various applications. The versatility of LED strip lights allows you to create different exciting visual effects that cannot be provided by other traditional lighting systems.