Starting A Business In Northampton: Asking For Advice

Any good decision requires having as much information to have been acquired prior to making the decision. Starting up a business in Northampton is a big decision to undertake, for those that are considering starting up a business, asking for expert advice is not a bad idea. So why would you ask for advice? Well, there are many reasons to do so, but the main point is getting expert knowledge on running a business and getting a fresh pair of eyes, a new perspective on the business model to spot any flaws or issues that might pop up.

So if you’re considering of starting up a new painter and decorator Northampton business, here are some tips to help you get started.

Asking for advice is important, more so for a big decision such as starting a business. But sometimes, people hesitate. The thing is, there is literally nothing to lose when you ask for advice. How so? Well, there are three scenarios that could take place when you ask for expert advice.

  • You aren’t the business type of person: Some people simply aren’t cut out for running their own business. This might be due to attitude, personality, training, or some other criteria. In this case, more conventional employment might be better.
  • You’re the right kind of person, but the idea needs work: If this is the case, then the idea should be evaluated. If it’s wrong, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re wrong in starting up your own business. Hiring someone for advice will allow you to work on the problems that may pop up in your business, saving you time and effort, and, of course, money.
  • You and the idea are suited: In this scenario, asking for advice effectively grants reassurance. The experts don’t give you tips to fix your business, they don’t need to, but they will give you tips on making sure the good idea your business is built upon sticks.

If you’re legitimately considering starting your own painter and decorator Northampton business, here’s a list of expert to approach to help you get started. There are more, of course, but these should give you an idea of how big starting a business can be, and where to look in case you need to.

  • Cavendish Enterprise ( a group of enterprise agencies acting as a conglomerate of sorts in order to provide contracts across the UK to support new businesses.
  • Enterprise Nation ( Launched by Emma Jones MBE in 2005, Enterprise Nation is a small business community, that helps businesses grow by connecting them with other small businesses, entrepreneurs and experts.
  • The National Enterprise Network ( A representing body for business support organizations, they offer local help finding, pointing you in the direction of an expert that can help your business.