Technology During The Olympic Winter Games 2018

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Pyeongchang, South Korea is busy preparing for the 2018 Olympics Winter Games. The official timekeeper of the Olympic Games will be Omega. However, this time everything will be different because technology will showcase aspects of the events that have not been previously tracked in previous games for the audience.

Technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT) and sensors will be ubiquitous during the Olympic Winter Games. Many of the athletes will be wearing suits with embedded sensors and equipment that will track data. If you will be lucky enough to watch closely the bobsledding events, you will be privy to live speed tracking and track paths. The sleds will be in red while the leading team’s track will be in blue.

Even the hockey players will be uniforms embedded with sensors with communication capabilities to the wide array of antennas on the ceiling of the arena. The sensors will be providing data on player and puck movements, formations, speeds and distances to be broadcasted to those watching at home.

Snowboarders will be fast-moving but Omega will be able to track jump heights and the averages of the all the jumps including the number of rotations so that viewers will be able to know and see what is actually happening.

Aside from Omega, Samsung will also be present to outfit the Dutch team with sensor-laden suits that can relay data to the coaches. However, the technology will only be available during practice sessions.

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