The Common Mistakes That Web Designers Should Avoid

Web designers know a lot of things about web design. However, despite their vast knowledge on the topic they are still making the same unfortunate choices every time they make a design. As these design firms, agencies and independent designers are busy making websites for their clients, they have forgotten to update their own websites and make it up to date to the current trends and practices.

Here are some of the common mistakes that web designers should avoid:

  • You need to avoid creating a flash intro that visitors cannot skip. It’s already 2015 and the flash intro is still a thing. What is even worse is that if the intro is not skipped, things will go to a bad start. You are preventing the user from doing or seeing her urgent needs. You are preventing the user from being productive. Imagine if you are forced to sit down in movie theaters to watch previews before the movie starts. You surely will not appreciate this.
  • You need to avoid creating your entire website in flash. An all flash website will definitely take you back to the year 2006. But this has a major impact on the visitors of your website. No one who is making use of an iOS will be able to view your website. This is definitely killing your mobile reach. There are places that you can use Flash with but you have to play it very smart and you need to consider your target audience. Users have to see your website if they do not have the plug-in.
  • Avoid having an unfriendly to mobile website. If you are designing a website for the web, you need to think about the content friendly to mobile phones. It is recommended that you take a mobile first approach when planning, conceiving, copyrighting, review and testing including the release and revisions of the website.

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