The Good and Bad Impact of Technology to Global Business

It cannot be denied that technology has made a powerful impact on global business. The internet has made communication easy and convenient. The internet has also paved the path for ecommerce so that consumers can purchase products from almost anywhere. The flow of information has become fast and free once there is internet connectivity but at the same time, it also has led to negative impact on the global business world.

Internet technology has allowed businesses to communicate easily through Skpe, chat rooms and other online software without the need to travel to the other side of the globe. Meetings can be held even without being personally present in the conference room. However, there is still a big difference between face-to-face meetings than communicating through the internet. The internet has certainly minimized the personal aspect of business relationship. Years ago, businessmen will close deals on golf courses or over a few drinks in a restaurant.

Technology has certainly made many employees efficient because they can complete a job in half the time that they used. However, installing monitoring software in the workplace sends a message that they cannot be trusted. When employees are given responsibility, trust and respect, it boosts their morale and productivity. If there is no trust, employees lose their self-esteem and impacts on their productivity. This is regardless of the reason why the monitoring software was installed.

Spam is unwanted or unsolicited emails and wading through them is a sheer waste of time and efforts. Spam is widespread on the internet and it has a negative impact on global business because some important email messages can be diverted inadvertently as spam.

The popularity of ecommerce has had a negative effect on the traditional brick and mortar stores. Small stores are finding it harder to compete with online business that allows efficient and convenient shopping. For example, a small bookstore may find it difficult to compete with Amazon.

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