The Importance Of Glass For Aesthetics And Energy Efficiency

There is a non-exhaustive list of products that is made from toughened glass from windows, shower doors, splashbacks, balustrades and pool fencing. The process of manufacturing toughened glass is rather complicated which makes it more expensive than ordinary glass. However, another type of glass is gaining global popularity. Switchable smart glass is a highly sought-after technology to enhance design and functionality.

The use of switchable smart glass in homes and buildings is dramatically increasing because of its superb aesthetics and improved privacy. However, switchable smart glass is a relatively expensive alternative to traditional blinds, curtains and partitions. Cost is usually the major deterrent for consumers. However, the value of smart glass extends beyond aesthetics and functions; it has a long term list of benefits that far outweighs the investments required.

Sustainability is the now the name of the game and it is important for residential and commercial properties to incorporate energy efficient designs. One solution that can maximize energy efficiency is switchable smart glass that has the ability to control the amount of light that enter a room. The switchable smart glass that is installed on the windows can be electrically controlled for long term savings on the energy bills.

How does the switchable smart glass work? It is as easy and simple as flicking on the switch to turn the glass to opaque to reduce the amount of light that enters the building. It reduces the reliance on air conditioning to cool a room a particularly on a warm day because only a satisfactory amount of sunlight will be allowed.

Aside from sustainability, there are an increasing number of laws and regulations that require energy efficient solutions. One of the ways to comply with global legislative requirements is through the switchable smart glass technology.

On the other hand, if the goal is to improve aesthetics in the interior, one solution is the use of mirror splashback that reflects light. When combined with large windows, the mirrored splashbacks can create a space-boosting effect. A savvy designer has many choices from the different coloured glass splashbacks to create an accent piece that will enhance the overall style.