What To Expect From The Best Liveaboard Diving In Thailand?

Scuba divers from all around the world come to Thailand to experience its ideal underwater conditions and fascinating marine life. The country has an amazing macro life, where the best liveaboard diving in Thailand are here for the pelagic action. During the dive safari, beginner and professional divers can see whale sharks and manta rays. This is why they experience great diving once or twice in their lives.

While diving in Thailand, you’ll surely enjoy the rich coral reefs and pinnacles whizzing with life. As a diver on board the best liveaboard diving in Thailand, you’ll just have to relax and spectate the action.  There are drift dives but there are also colourful worlds to explore lazily beneath the seawaters.

Some parts of Thailand can offer scuba diving. If you choose a liveaboard diving, you are more concentrated to the Andaman Sea. You’ll see the islands and outcrops with amazing marine life. There are few islands in the Andaman where you can travel through the mainland. The more remote areas such as the Richelieu Rock can only be reached if you’re heading for a liveaboard dive safari.

The best liveaboard diving in Thailand is found in Khao Lak and Phuket on the west coast. Typical trips can last four to five days, but the best itineraries can go seven to ten days. If you want to enjoy liveaboard diving, you should come to Thailand between November and April. It is at this time when the seawater are at its calmest making you reach the best diving spots of the Andaman Sea. Should you come between February to April, you’ll be observing a large school of manta rays and whale sharks.

So, before you come here and enjoy the best liveaboard diving in Thailand, ensure you have checked some providers online and see if their offer is right for you. You can make reservations for a smooth and well-planned vacation here. If you’re a beginner, you’ll know where to find the best liveaboard destinations. The current and visibility of the ocean make it perfect for divers whether new or a pro in diving.