Scientifically Proven Health Benefits Of Thai Massage

Thai massage is a traditional form of massage therapy that combines acupressure, the principles of Indian Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicine. The practice of Thai massage can be traced to thousands of years ago because of its perceived healing properties at both the physical and emotional levels.

Unlike the typical Western massages, Thai massage does not require a person to lie on a massage bed while the massage therapist applies oil to body and kneads the muscles and pressure points. Instead, a fully-clothed person has to lie on a mat in the ground while the massage therapist uses stretching, pulling and rocking techniques to promote relaxation, relieve stress and improve flexibility and circulation.

Benefits of traditional Thai massage

  • Eases the symptoms of migraine headaches – Several small studies have revealed that Thai massage can help ease the symptoms of migraine and tension headaches. It is worth noting that researchers have found out that the benefits of Thai massage can last from several days to about 15 weeks.
  • Reduces back pain – Based on the results of a research in Thailand where a group of 120 persons were tested for nonspecific low back pain, it was revealed that Thai massage is an effective non-pharmaceutical means of reducing back pain. Other studies also revealed that Thai massage is effective in reducing back pains with trigger points like tight painful muscle clusters in the upper back.
  • Relieves stiffness and pain in the joints – In one study where researchers employed a program of Thai massage and wand exercises to study its effects on knee arthritis, it was found out that the participants felt less pain and were able to walk with ease after the 8-week program. Another study involving 60 participants with osteoarthritis on the knee revealed that 3 weeks of Thai massage provided the same pain relief as 3 weeks of Ibuprofen.

Another traditional form of massage therapy is tantric massage, a full body massage that aims to arouse sexual energy and consciously move that energy around the body. The level of relaxation that the person achieves heightens the sexual experience. Aside from the deeper intimacy with a partner, tantric massage provides relief from stress and improves sleep.

How Reviews Affect Local Search Engine Results

Over the last few years, customer reviews have become an important part of every business’s marketing strategy. The number of review sites online has grown drastically because customers want their opinions to be heard by others. Reviews are being written and shared on social media platforms to help people with their purchasing decisions.

Online reviews are one of the biggest ranking factors in local search engine results. However, in order to have a chance to rank high in Google local search results, the business must have a regular stream of online reviews coming in with most of them favourable to the business.

After reading a positive online review, a consumer will likely visit the business website, search for more reviews to validate the opinion of the customer, visit the store’s location, contact the business or compare the business with others before making a decision. In order to standout, a business must ensure that its online review profile is ahead of the competitors.

Only 50% of consumers would consider using a business with less than 4 stars. This is not surprising because consumers have more choices today. In order to gain the attention of the remaining 50%, it is important to refresh the business’s online review profile to generate more reviews and stars.

A digital marketing agency knows that it absolutely needs king kong SEO reviews to gain the interest of potential clients. The moment that the digital realized the potential to grow overseas, it started to encourage its clients to leave their feedback so that more and more people will hear about their service.

How To Showcase Customer Reviews On The Website

When it comes to validating a business, positive customer reviews have more substance than paid advertisements. However, before a customer review can influence a purchasing decision it must be established that it came from a reliable source who has actually experienced the product or service.

If you are planning to highlight customer reviews on your website, you can use an embedded badge that invites website visitors to rate the company on third-party review sites. Some review sites also offer the embedded badge asking users to read your company reviews and then links you to their site.

You can take your customer reviews to the next level and use it for SEO purposes by embedding a URL to the website of the client. You can also create a link to an actual review site by utilizing a scheme mark-up tool. High quality reviews from your customers will be displayed on Google whenever the company appears on research results.

You can also use one of two online review sites to highlight a few reviews on your site. There are automation tools that can gather reviews all over the web and post the most recent ones to your website on a daily basis. You can also display Facebook reviews on your homepage.

A digital marketing agency believes that showcasing king kong marketing agency review on the website offers visitors with an insight on the experience of satisfied customers. When they choose to work with the digital agency, they can expect a great experience that is worth their time and money.

New Ideas Generated From Customer Reviews

According to surveys, 70% of users prefer to trust a review from a stranger than paid advertisements. Customer feedback contains information regarding their personal experience and level of satisfaction with the brand that consumers need to validate their purchasing decision.

There are different ways for businesses to collect customer reviews but the most common is by directly asking for feedback and monitoring feedback that has been shared on social media. It is very important for businesses to listen to conversations on social media because they can gather feedback that will help them develop the right marketing campaign and design marketing messages that resonate with the audience.

By asking customers for their opinion, a business creates a relationship with the customer that improves their loyalty to the brand. Customers want to feel appreciated and by making them feel that they are involved in the business’ decision-making process encourages them to be advocates of the brand.

Customer reviews are valuable content shared online that will appeal to the target audience. Consumers usually base their purchasing decisions on the feedback of customers. By responding to reviews, a business generates a relationship of trust that increases loyalty and revenues. Reviews are also sources of new ideas that can be used in improving products or services.

A digital marketing agency considers king kong advertising reviews as a source of valuable information that they can use to improve their service. Customer reviews tell the company how they perform in the market so that they can make improvements and adjustments that will give them an edge over the competitors.

The Crime Of Illegal Possession Of Controlled Substance

The federal government has listed different drugs that it considers as “controlled” and only available through a valid prescription or legitimate avenue. Illegal possession of a controlled substance occurs if you own or possess a controlled substance or drug like marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine or other narcotics without permission or legal justification.

In order to be convicted of illegal possession of a controlled substance, the prosecutor must prove that you knowingly have control over the substance and you intentionally use or control the substance. The prosecutor does not need to prove that possession in this situation is illegal. Neither does the prosecutor need actual statements from you or evidence that you actually use the drugs.

Possession means personal and physical control over the illegal substance like you have the drug inside your pocket, in the bag, in your car’s glove compartment or hidden inside the home. This means that you have actual or constructive possession of the controlled substance or you can easily access the drug.

However, there are certain circumstances when you are facing illegal drug possession charges and end up facing charges for possession with the intent to distribute. Intent to distribute is a more serious crime than simple possession. If the amount of controlled substance in your possession is too large for personal use or if you have large stashes of cash, packaging materials, and customer lists, you can be charged with an intent to distribute drugs.

It has become quite common for the police to find drugs inside cars; however, the prosecutor must prove that the driver or passengers knew that the drugs were there. You can be charged by the police with possession if they find the drugs inside your pockets or if the drugs are near you in plain view. Circumstantial evidence will also prove if more than one person possessed the drugs.

If you are facing a charge of illegal possession of controlled substances, you need to call Donich Law as soon as possible to avoid a conviction. An experienced criminal lawyer can advise of your rights and the potential consequences of the charges against you. A criminal record for drug possession will negatively affect your future.

White House Confirms Canada Will Receive Vaccines From The US

The US is doing well with its vaccination, which is good news for everyone in the country, especially for businesses that travel into and out of the country like Titan Transline, as they can get their people vaccinated in the country with little problem.

In a show of cooperation with its neighbors, the White House confirmed on May 7 that it’ll send 4mn AstraZeneca-Oxford COVID-19 vaccine doses to Canada and Mexico, with Canada to receive 1.5mn doses.

Canada’s vaccination program is really behind, so these additional vaccines, amounting to more than a one-third boost for the country, will only really help shrink the gap a bit.

White House Coordinator for the COVID-19 response Jeffrey Zients issued the statement, saying that they’re lending a portion of their resealable AstraZeneca vaccines to Mexico and Canada. They add that this will help their neighbors meet their critical demand for vaccination which, in turn, will provide more protection across the whole of the North American continent. This, in turn, could potentially lead to land borders being reopened sooner, lifting the restrictions on travel and helping out logistic firms like Titan Transline and the like.

Zients’ colleague Andy Slavitt also tweeted the news. According to the White House, they were already finalizing plans with the other countries on May 6, with the announcement made official on the following day.

The Canadian official stated that the vaccine does have expiry dates in May and June, but that’s still enough time to get them administered to Canadians.

White House officials, wary of the potential for political blowback from this move, stated that the US’s own immunization program would not be affected, with plans to have doses ready for all Americans by May 31.

This transfer, they say, involves vaccines that Americans aren’t using, as the US has yet to give approval to the AstraZeneca vaccine, and they’re sending some of the doses to its neighbors instead of risking their expiry.

Political analysts and experts are looking at this move and considering what the motivation for it. One angle noted is continental migration. A lot of border-state lawmakers have asked the Biden administration to give vaccines to Canada and Mexico in order to help the land borders between the countries reopened, as a lot of these border states; like Texas, are reliant on cross-border trade.



Increase Your Reviews To Grow Your Business

Consumer behavior has changed; reviews have become an accurate source of information about products and services instead of advertisements. Reviews have become a powerful tool that builds trust on a brand, a trust that can measured through web traffic, sales and revenue.

How reviews can propel business growth

  • Reviews provide an opportunity for customers to share their personal experience with a brand and what they love about the product or service. A good number of favorable reviews convey to consumers that it is safe to do business with a company.
  • Reviews, ratings and testimonials can turn hard-earned trust into measurable ROI. Consumers will actually click, drive more traffic and convert more visitors into buyers.
  • Reviews are valuable content from customers. It reveals their thoughts and experiences to attract new customers. Businesses earn customer loyalty and influence others to share their feedback.
  • Reviews on third-party platforms can be collected to build a digital footprint outside the website. Actions taken outside the website can impact on search engine rankings.
  • Reviews are authoritative sources for answers to queries. Search engines want to connect to authorities.
  • When someone searches for a brand, they are likely to find the reviews on third-party websites and social media. Your brand’s presence will put the site on top of the search engine results

One of the competitive advantages of a digital marketing agency is the number of king kong advertising reviews it receives from clients. The ratings and reviews are proof that the company delivers the best experience to users. In most cases, the digital team exceeds the expectations of clients.

McAfee Report Notes How Aussies Take Note Of Travel Precautions, But Lack In Digital Safety

McAfee recently released a study, 2021 Consumer Security Mindset: Travel Edition, which noted an oddity in Aussie’s behaviours with regard to digital safety. The study noted how Aussies were taking personal protection and travel safety precautions seriously as travel restrictions are slowly being lifted, but are more lax with regards to digital safety.

According to the data:

  • 72% of Aussies have plans for leisure travel in 2021, with 12% going for international travel
  • 54% of respondents’ travel preferences changed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic
  • The most preferred accommodations at 46%, followed by staying with family or friends, at 34%

On the flip side, the survey’s numbers for digital safety are as follows:

  • 71% of Aussies connect to devices when staying at a house that isn’t theirs, which opens devices to digital security problems
  • While 65% of Aussies state that they’re more connected digitally since the pandemic and the lockdowns, only about half have implemented tighter digital security
  • Only 48% check if a network is secure before they connect to it, and 45% state that they don’t implement the same security measures they have at home when they travel
  • Of the 46% that prefer hotels, only 29% are aware of the higher risk when connecting to hotel Wi-Fi
  • 43% admit to connecting their devices to public Wi-Fi, in spite of 67% of the respondents saying that they think Wi-Fi networks are the most vulnerable

McAfee Senior Vice President of Consumer Marketing Judith Bitterli says that, with travel back an as option for people, people need to remember the importance of digital security and wellness, especially outside the house. Greater online connectivity has made it easier to access things like king kong marketing agency review and the like, but it has also increased the danger from cybersecurity threats.

How It’s Uniqueness Made Pictorial Maps Highly Popular

In the middle of the twentieth century, pictorial maps or more commonly known as illustrated maps or bird’s eye view maps gained popularity because of their uniqueness. Unlike traditional maps, illustrated maps were made from myths, legends, and environments including jokes and hidden gems. They did not have any scientific or geographical accuracy.

The Harvard Map Collection is a throve of illustrated maps and collections that were assembled by artists and enthusiasts. Included in the collection were 50 of Ernest Dudley Chase’s own copies of maps that he printed to represent his own career. Chase’s illustrated maps highlighted his natural aptitude at creating greeting cards with small, inset vignettes of famous people and landmarks.

Because of the popularity of pictorial maps, many freelance artists delved into the intricacies of pictorial cartography. George Annand’s maps stood up among the pictorial maps because of their precise and acute selection of details and legibility. However, Annand has to revise his larger maps so that they would appear smaller for books and magazines due to his publisher’s demands.

Most of the pictorial maps were predominantly from the United States although there were also maps from outside the country. They ranged from the work of artists creating maps for tourism agencies to more established artists like Miguel Gomez Medina.

One of the more notable maps in the Harvard Map collection is the MacDonald Gill’s 1914 Wonderground Map of the London Zoo. In the pictorial map, Gill has combined the famous poem of William Blake where there was a humorous exchange between a tired giraffe and a boy who offered some of its food. It also included the parent’s punchline: Dear Tom, do you now see that is he is fed up? If you will scrutinize the details, you will be rewarded with some hidden gems that make the pictorial map truly unique.

Illustration services are offered by Rabinky Art for your marketing campaigns, book illustrations, greeting cards, or editorial illustrations. Awe-inspiring and genuinely irresistible artwork tells a complete story that seems so familiar to strike your fancy even if you haven’t met it elsewhere. The unique artwork tells more than what the naked eye can see.

Cost Effective Solutions To Encourage Customer Reviews

There is a general understanding that customer reviews are very important to businesses. In an industry such as digital marketing services, the lack of reviews or the presence of unfavorable reviews can be detrimental. When consumers search for a business, they expect a number of reviews including star ratings.

However, the problem of most small businesses particularly those working on a tight budget is how to generate more reviews. A cost-effective option is an email marketing campaign that will encourage customers to write a review. An email template can be created with a highly visible and easy-to-understand link to a landing page where the customer can review the business.

Another option is third-party review sites that are industry-specific and where businesses can claim a listing. The sites gather customer feedback on their platform that search engines can detect. When people see the positive feedback on the third-party review site, they become curious about the brand and its offerings.

By proactively asking customers for reviews, a business can direct them to leave their feedback on the website or social media accounts. When search engines see the recent reviews, they will know that the website is active and regularly updated. This will boost the site’s search engine rankings and increase traffic from online users.

A digital marketing agency knows that when people read the king kong marketing agency review from past clients, they will be encouraged to visit the website. Reviews may contain a sentence or two but they are very powerful in establishing trust and proving credibility.

Reasons Why Your Business Needs SEO

Search engine optimization is important for making sure the brand is found and seen online, but to say that’s all it does isn’t doing it justice.

For those looking to understand SEO, here are a few reasons why SEO is so useful and needed.

Organic search is one of the best sources of traffic

Organic search, as the name implies, is when people look stuff up without being affected by ads. It’s a huge part of most business site’s performance, and user engagement. Google is, of course, the biggest name when it comes to search engines, and its rules generally take centre stage.

Regardless, being visible and trusted by search engines, especially Google, is good for a brand as it ensures they’re visible. That can only really happen with good SEO and a high-quality site.

Trust and credibility

The goal of any SEO is to create a site that provides users with a clean, effective experience and is easy to search for due to being established as a trustworthy and credible brand.

Authority comes from good behaviour with users, optimized page elements and content, as well as tested and quality links and the like. Of course, it takes a bit of time, effort, and valuable and quality offerings to be a trusted brand, but the results speak for themselves, really.

User experience

As mentioned before, good SEO involves ensuring that users have a good experience on a site. If you want a good king kong SEO review, you’re going to need to ensure that users find dealing with your site as a positive thing.

By ensuring that users have a good experience on your site, you ensure that you’re easy to find for search engines, while also making sure that users find the things that they want/need from you.

What To Do When You Get Pulled Over For DUI

There are two important things that you should do when you get pulled over due to suspected DUI. First, always use your common sense, and second, avoid behaviour that may put you in jeopardy. As soon as the police officer decides to pull you over for DUI or any other traffic violation, you have to start making observations because these will be very important for the criminal defence lawyer when putting up your defence.

A police officer has initiated a stop because he thinks that you are might be impaired or drunk. At this point, you cannot stop the police with their observations because they have to include them in the police report. Their observations will have a huge impact on the criminal trial and any hearings regarding the suspension or revocation of the driver’s license.

One of the first observations that the police officer will make is how you pulled over. Make sure that you do not slow down too abruptly or pull over in an unsafe location. Do not make any sudden movements and do not twist around to watch the officer approach the car from behind. Officers are trained to be cautious and safe that is why they will approach the vehicle from behind. Always keep your hands at the wheel until the officer knocks on your window and asks for your identification.

It is common to feel anxiety but always comply with what the police officer asks of you to avoid being charged with resisting arrest. Be friendly but do not answer questions that may incriminate you. You are not legally obligated to take a field sobriety test because the results will the basis for the decision that you are intoxicated. Request for a more scientific examination like a breath test or blood test that determines whether you are really drunk or impaired.

If you are taken into custody, call immediately. Write everything that you remember because it will be critical to your case. There are lawyers who are specifically trained and experienced in DUI cases. They understand the applicable laws of the state and will guide you throughout the legal process.

The Use Of Illustrations In UI

The majority of information that people deal with is visual. This isn’t too surprising as pictures can simplify some of the most complex ideas.

For graphic design, pictures aren’t just good for evoking emotion, they’re also quite functional. Illustrators like Rabinky Art consistently get work due to the fact that UIs are using more and more illustrations.

UI designs can benefit from illustrations nicely, and here are a few ways they do so.


People understand images faster than words, in general. Naturally, if you want to deliver an important statement quickly, then an image or illustration is a great way to go about it. Moreover, images and illustrations can express ideas that words can’t.

Take note of what people when users land on a website or boot up an app. They don’t start reading the text; they scan, meaning that if you hit them with a wall of text upon landing, then they’ll likely leave.

Visual hierarchy

Getting illustrations from someone like Rabinky Art are good for navigation, as custom illustrations do a good job of acting as visual dividers in between sections, which lets users get a clear idea of what exactly is going on.


Illustrations don’t just create visual hierarchy and support visual division, but they can also emphasize important things in the design and the UI. That means that illustrations are a good idea for directing the attention of users just by putting them in the right place.


Illustrations are quite functional when it comes to designing interfaces. That’s useful, yes, but there’s also the very obvious fact that illustrations are visual; they help with aesthetics.

All websites have to be functional, naturally, but with so many apps on the market, it means that apps and their UIs need to stand out nicely. That’s why aesthetics are useful, as it makes the app distinct. An old marketing saying goes ‘packaging sells’, which is also applicable to the digital space.

People aren’t complicated, if you want to sell something, then you have to make something that’s visually appealing to them while also accurately representing what you and your organization offer. That’s why illustrations are a good option for a UI.

Why Customer Reviews Are Important

Online reviews have basically bridged the gap between word-of-mouth advertising and the internet, providing customers a way to recommend businesses, products, and services that they like to other customers. They’re quite useful for everyone involved; businesses, marketers, and customers alike, so it’s no surprise they are popular. If you’re still doubting, here are a few more reasons why online reviews are important.

Understand your customers

First is to consider the customers. People leave online reviews because they have an opinion of your business. You can use this feedback to see what your customers like and dislike about your offerings; what you can lean on, and what needs fixing and improving.

Give customers a voice

Considering how people see their time as precious, it says a lot about someone that leaves behind a review. A review gives your customers a voice, fosters loyalty, and opens a channel for communicating with them. Just don’t forget to respond to feedback, and address their concerns.

Credibility and social proof

People are social creatures; we put a lot of stock into what others say and think. Much like how we ask for recommendations from friends and family, review sites provide people recommendations from other customers.

Save margins

See, with how much importance people put into reviews, it’s no surprise they can lead to ‘David vs. Goliath’ situations where smaller businesses manage to compete with more established competition by leveraging their good reviews. Reviews are about the customers and their experience, taking away things like discounts and pricing.

Free marketing

Marketing can be expensive and doesn’t always work out. The good thing about king kong advertising reviews and other reviews is that they’re effectively your satisfied customers telling others how good your product, service, and/or business is. They’re effectively promoting your brand for you.

Establishing Online Presence Through Digital Marketing

Why does a business need digital marketing when it has already invested in traditional advertising? Small businesses, in particular, need to understand that there is a huge online marketplace where they can find potential customers. The number of people online nowadays is far greater than the group of people that the business interacts with locally.

Through digital marketing, a business gains exposure to the global audience with less investment than traditional advertising methods. However, many businesses claim that they do not have the money or time to be competitive online. Many prefer to take things slowly using one or two basic marketing strategies to attract customers.

There is a very good chance that customers are already looking for the product or service offered by the business locally. Consumers are looking for a business website, reviews, and online presence because they are curious about the brand. If they can’t find any information online, they move the search to the competitor.

If potential customers do not find a website, they will assume that the business is fictitious. Without reviews, they will doubt the reliability of the brand. Competitors have established an online presence and they are getting the bulk of customers. They are using blogs and videos to interact with the audience. They start conversations on social media to know what their customers want.

Very few forms of advertising are as effective as digital marketing. For more information, you can read articles about king kong sabri suby and how the digital marketing agency uses SEO, Facebook ads, PPC, web design, and marketing automation for businesses that want to grow fast.

Technological Developments Greatly Affecting Online Advertising

Online advertising is a rapidly changing field, as noted by King Kong Sabri Suby or anyone else on the field. This is due to its nature as a technologically-heavy field. With all the new developments that are popping up, the field is in constant flux. Here’s a look at a few things worth keeping note of.


Artificial intelligence (AI) has been seen as a bit of a buzzword, something that isn’t pertinent to most advertising clients. But tech giants like Microsoft have been looking at the AI-Advertising train.

According to Microsoft’s research, improving the accuracy of CTR estimation in sponsored ads with the use of AI will be huge for the market, with an increase of just 0.1% supposedly amounting to additional hundreds of millions of revenue.

Google, Amazon, Alibaba, and others have been working on bringing AI and big data together, as they believe that there’s too much data in the field to be converted into revenue-generating insight.

Connected TV

CTV is any TV that has internet capability; smart TVs, Apple TV and Roku, and even gaming consoles. Ad-skipping technology is getting stronger annually, but CTV provides them with a medium. In 2019, about 60% of households in the US have a CTV, with use growing annually.

While the lack of effective measures for measuring audience size and makeup, cookies, and device IDs is holding back this particular medium, it still has potential due to being relatively untapped and rapidly growing.


A different take from the others, in that it’s more about implementation than AI use. Programmatic technology is when someone like King Kong Sabri Suby uses software to purchase digital ads rather than the traditional process. This, in turn, cuts down on overhead and the associated fees.

Programmatic software is versatile, allowing for real-time-bidding as well as guaranteed ad impressions ahead of time. Accenture reports that buyers and sellers use 17% of their inventory, on average, for programmatic, but it’s expected to double by 2022.


Technology Tools For Virtual Law Offices

Law firms like Donich Law are forced by present circumstances to accept the reality of a new normal. Lawyers have to work remotely from home to provide the important legal needs of their clients. This can be a daunting task for lawyers and their staff because they need to identify the right technology tools that can be used to create a virtual office.

Many of the technology tools that are available for law firms are convenient and affordable and ethically permissible. Law firms can use cloud computing software for storage and transmission of confidential data to clients. However, to be ethically permissible, lawyers must exercise due diligence in vetting the cloud provider before using the services. Lawyers and their staff must fully understand the procedures and risks including the avoidance of malware and suspicious phishing emails.

Law firm information that includes contacts, calendars, invoices, legal documents, financial data and internal and external communications have to be stored in a centralized location for easy access. There is cloud-based law practice management software that includes built-in e-signature capabilities, lead management tools, integrated email, 2-way text messaging and collaboration tools like client portal.

Video conferencing tools have it possible for lawyers to conduct client meetings while complying with social distancing measures.  These technology tools allow securely encrypted face-to-face video meetings with clients, co-counsels and colleagues. Meanwhile, the key to selecting the most efficient and secure technology tools is to perform an assessment of the law firm’s needs in streamlining operations.

A good option for law firms is the paperless office which is more efficient and convenient in the new normal. In order to go paperless, lawyers and staffs who are working remotely must have their own reliable scanners. Another tool is online word processing that allows a lawyer to log-in from any internet enabled device and access word processing software through the cloud.

If you are accused of a crime, your best option is Donich Law that can provide you with legal protection designed to ensure that you are treated fairly and judged according to reliable evidence. Individualized client service can be provided to protect everything you have worked hard for.

Technologies That Will Give Trucking And Logistics Providers A Competitive Edge

Since technology will determine the future of trucking and logistics providers like Titan Transline, stakeholders in the industry must be updated on the latest technologies that will affect the industry. The competitive advantage of a trucking and logistics business can be transformed if they take advantage of the enormous amount of date generated by sensors and tracking devices.

Software used to run daily tracking operations like transportation management systems, order management and asset and fleet management systems are good sources of raw data. API’s, web services, advanced data mapping and data streaming from the back door also allows access to real time data for further processing.

However, cost is the greatest challenge to trucking and logistics providers who want to leverage customized optimization solutions. Given the dynamics and complexities of businesses, a one-size-fits-all solution is not the best approach to deliver an optimal solution. Meanwhile, the presence of solver technologies like Gurobi, Frontline and Google Optimizer have placed optimization solutions within reach. Businesses no longer have to pay prohibitive license costs in running complex analytics to identify what needs to be optimized.

Tremendous amount of data is now available and accessible to trucking and logistics providers through machine learning. Trucking providers are able to automate tasks that humans usually do. Artificial intelligence can be used to correlate data generated from various sources like shippers, drivers, consignees, routes, dwell time, idle time and many more. Machines have the capability to provide automated decisions on driver allocation, truck breakdown and fuel stops. Customer service has been improved by chat bots that analyse data from TMS and GPS.

With the advent of cloud computing, access to infrastructure to embark on complex technological initiatives has become affordable. AWS, Azure and GCP have provided out-of-the-box machine learning capabilities, compelling analytics and visualization solutions to small and mid-sized trucking and logistics providers.

Call Titan Transline today and request a free quote for full truckload freight, less-than-truckload freight, flatbed trucking, expedited delivery and products that require temperature control. Space is exclusively reserved for delicate and specialized loads that require specially-engineered freight equipment. Competitive pricing is offered on full loads including white glove service.

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