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Reports Say Aprilia Storm 125 Will Be Launching In India By April

Back in the 2018 Auto Expo in India, the Aprilia Storm 125 scooter model was first shown to the world by Italian manufacturer Piaggio. The model displayed showed a few cosmetic changes that differentiates it the SR125 model and dual-purpose tyres. Other than that, the bike is similar to its predecessor.

Storm 125 offers matte pain, a choice of new graphics, as well as smaller 12-inch dual-purpose tyres. Piaggiohas stated that thanks to their dual-purpose tyres, this new scooter can work fine handling off-road riding.

There are reports from magazines and press releases that say that the scooter will be making its debutin April 2019, sometime in the latter half of the month, with bookings to start earlier in that month, with deliveries of the Aprilia bike on pre-release bookings to be made on launch day.

Earlier plans for the scooter was that it would be released by January 2019. The rescheduling was due to the fact that there were changes being made to safety regulations, as well as the fact that dealers still had a sizeable stock to go through.

Expectations on the bike is that it’ll be set after the SR125 when it comes to purchase cost. Heavy localisation is also expected on the Aprilia bike, particularly with its components. On top of that, cheaper alternatives are available over the dual-purpose tyres. The Aprilia Storm 125 will be sporting the same 125cc air-cooled engine, as its cousin, the SR125. This engine is notable as one of the most powerful of its ilk in the segment, generating 9.5 BHP at 7,250 RPM, with 9.8Nm of peak torque at 6,250 RPM.

In terms of pricing, people are expecting the Aprilia Storm 125 to sit between Rs 70,000-75,000, which would mean it might end up being a bit pricier than the SR125, currently priced at Rs 69,960.

There’s also rumours that Piaggio is looking to launch a Aprilia bike aimed at the family segment in India; the Aprilia Comfort. Reports say that the bike is set to debut in the Indian market later in 2019, sporting the SR125’s engine, but slightly detuned.

There are additional murmurs that Aprilia is looking to enter their India’s entry-level performance segment, within which the Yamaha R15 V3 competes with the KTM Duke 125. Reportedly, the manufacturer is looking to launch the RS 150 sports bike as well as theTuono streetfighter.

Kawasaki Motorcycles To Feature AI Soon

Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd is taking a leap forward as they are developing the new generation of motorcycles that will be able to adapt with the rider. In order to accomplish this plans, Kawasaki motorcycle dealers learned that the company is planning to use ICT or Information and Communications Technology such as Artificial Intelligence more commonly known as AI.

These new generation motorcycles will be equipped with Emotion Generation Engine and system that comes with Natural Language Dialogue. The basic concept of these motorbikes is that rider will be able to communicate with the system through the AI installed. As they rider and the motorcycle communicates, the system will be able to adapt with the rider for a riding experience like never before.

The system will be able to access the bank of Kawasaki containing all performance data and analytical chassis. Through this, the motorcycle will be able to give riders options to make the most of riding as well as relay essential information depending on the current status of the system. They will employ advanced technology for electronic management that will help in improving the settings of the machine based on the actual experience of the rider, the skills and styles while on the road. All of this will be possible through technology.

The concept of the system will make it possible for the motorcycle and rider to have a relationship. Continued interaction will create a stronger bond and eventually the unique personality of the rider will be reflected through the motorcycle he or she is riding. The goal of the system is to deliver enjoyment to the rider like never before.

All the motorcycles developed by Kawasaki follows the principle of “Rideology” wherein the rider is the center of the development.

The company firmly believes, along with the Kawasaki motorcycle dealers, that these bikes are not just tools that can take the rider from point A to point B but the overall experience should be enjoyable and rewarding at the same time. They are now taking further steps forward into creating motorcycles with additional capabilities through the help of AI.