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Interactive Maps Help Businesses Plan For Re-Opening

A great deal of pressure is placed on facility marketers to provide relevant information without compromising visual aesthetics. Interactive Web Map Services managed to find a solution by incorporating technology in the illustrated maps. The illustrated map although hand-drawn is 100% digital and fully interactive web-enabled map.

Governments across the globe have imposed lockdowns and travel restrictions to control the spread of coronavirus. Large corporations and small medium enterprises in industries like manufacturing, travel and tourism, agriculture and retail were severely affected.

As states start to reopen, businesses are thinking of ways to make a strong comeback. One of the options is the use of geo-spatial technology that will map Covid19 density zones. Accurate mapping will help them plan their business operations. Interactive maps are important tools that can be used to track, monitor and provide effective datasets on coronavirus cases.

Geo-spatial datasets will allow large and medium-sized retailers to decide on which of their outlets should be opened or not. Large manufacturing companies can use geo spatial data in analyzing supplier’s catchment areas before planning their sourcing strategies. Geo spatial data will be essential for supply chain professionals in logistics companies for route optimization of vehicles to avoid red zones.

The coronavirus is spreading at a rapid pace. Data of existing health infrastructures and census data sets must be analyzed. Mapping the infected areas will help policy makers and concerned authorities to identify Covid19 containment areas. Analysis of data will help in estimating the load of each testing center so that health officials can set up more laboratories and increase the capacity of existing ones.

Interactive Map is an important feature of TOS, an emerging tool for governments and corporations. TOS was able to create interactive digital maps of districts in India. Through the use of color-coding, TOS was able to map all Covid19 related information.

Interactive Web Map Services can present a place for both 2D street view and full illustrative view rendering. This is an important feature for way-finding because the viewer will not be required to re-calibrate the understanding with a different vantage point. The interactive map will be perfectly positioned for touchscreen applications for improved efficiency.