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Technology In The Montessori Classroom

If there is one thing that Montessori schools such as Starbright Montessori are proud of, it is their carefully arranged classrooms. Their learning environment is structured by using learning aids and arranging the space accordingly. On top of that, they have the most observant teachers which make the education method one of the most popular in the world.

While the classrooms are filled with materials and learning aids, you might be disappointed to know that the curriculum they are following is not tech-friendly. Nowadays, children as young as elementary school have their own smartphones, technology does not play a major role within Montessori institutions.

Traditional schools are now incorporating technology into their homework and projects. This is not the case with Montessori schools which are not even welcoming of the idea from the start. As of writing, there are those that have integrated technology but only in a smaller scale while others still stand their ground in banning technology inside the school.

Montessori schools that impose bans on technology believe that children must utilize their senses in order to learn and it will not be accomplished while looking at a screen. There are schools with television and computer units but the uses are very limited. There are Montessori schools that are more accepting of technology especially in the elementary level but they abide by the fact that children between zero and six years old do not need technology.

The founder of the Montessori Method firmly believed that learning can be done through the use of hands in interacting with concrete materials. As good as technology nowadays, there is no app that can replace hands-on learning. Sensory learning is important to a child and unless they are physically touching the objects and interacting with it, they will not be able to fully grasp the concept.

Technology is not painted as something bad by schools such as Starbright Montessori because they also know its importance in the developing world. The goal is to help children appreciate technology while limiting their exposure so that they may focus more on what is in front of them physically.

Phuket Hotels Feeling The Pressures Of Tourism

Based on the recent hotel market update, the number of tourists arriving in Phuket has grown by 8 per cent year-on-year but the gains are the lowest recorded since 2015. For the first half of last year, arrivals have increased by 17 per cent compared to the first half of 2017. The second half of 2018 was not so good though after the unfortunate accident that occurred with the Phoenix tour boat. The momentum was affected business including 호텔 푸켓 felt the 4 per cent decline.

Bill Barnett, tourism and hospitality consultancy’s managing director, said that the early gains recorded in the first half of last year was wiped away by the decline recorded between August and October of the same year. The silver lining is that despite the negative headlines that were affecting the tourism industry of the island, they were able to recover for the last two months of 2018. By the time the year is about to end, the situation is almost back to normal.

Jesper Palmqvist of STR, a hospitality intelligence firm, said that when it comes to the long-term trend, the pressure in Phuket’s tourism might last until the second half of 2019. This is due to the growing competition in the region for Chinese tourists. The performance will also spread out in many hotels which will result to a tighter market compared to the last few years.

According to Mr. Barnett, there are five major trends that might have an impact on the tourism of the island in the long term. First is the pressure that is demanded from hotels. The fact is that there are hotels that are performing well while others are left behind. A number of things need to be given attention by hotel owners if they want to succeed such as the management, their branding and the location.

Second, Thailand is not the only country in the region that is luring Chinese tourist. Other countries are tapping into this as well which is why Thailand needs to do better. Third, the volatility of the hotel market is felt by 호텔 푸켓 because their rates are affected in the process.

Accommodate Yourselves In Koh Tao Villas And See What It’s Like There

Thailand has one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. For those who have visited the country, they know the real beauty of its untouched places; thus ensuring a wonderful vacation here. The country is known for its historical culture and there is never a shortage of things to do in this country. As most of the country is untouched by development, you’ll want to relax and stay peaceful in your vacation here. You’ll want to enjoy the most of the Thailand and it starts with accommodations at Koh Tao villas. Here are lovely places to visit in Thailand for your satisfaction and enjoyment:

  • Khao Lak: It’s a marvellous beach in Thailand where it’s just a short drive from the airport. The paradise makes you enjoy a vacation you’ve never done before. The area is hugely uninhabited with lush rainforest nearby and some wildlife to view. In November through December, the water is very warm and you can go fishing and scuba diving the seawater.


  • Phuket: Another great spot in Thailand is Phuket where you can maximize the enjoyment from November till March. You can practically do anything here. The beaches are crowded with people who do all kinds of stuff from watersports to fine dining. You’ll also enjoy the seawater as it is the warmest and the clearest in the world.


  • Phi Phi Don: This is somehow rare to experience in Thailand. It is a remote and nearly unknown place where you’ll surely love to enjoy the beach. It’s once remembered as a location for of a Hollywood film ‘The Beach’, which starred Leonardo Di Caprio. Today, many love to come here to see its breathtaking scenery.


  • West Railay: It’s an undiscovered diamond in Thailand where those on a budget can enjoy the beach. You’ll want to be booked in an accommodation similar to the Koh Tao villas and barely notice that your budget is running out. The sand is milky white and the water is crystal clear. This is a popular place for scuba diving and fishing and can only be accessible through a long tail boat. So plan your trip ahead for an enjoyable and fun vacation.

Advantages of Buying Windows from a Local Store

Windows are the most important feature that influences the look of a home. They influence the light and ventilation received by your home. Windows also act as noise barriers and protect you from the harmful UV rays. The choice of windows can alter the energy efficiency of a home and protect you from harsh weather. There are many aspects that determine the size, shape and model of the windows for a home like its architectural style and the requirements of the homeowner. The next important point is choosing the manufacturer or the supplier for the windows.

Buying custom cut windows from your local manufacturer has many advantages like:

  • They have superior knowledge about the product. They can guide you on the most favorablefeatures of different types of windows and recommended most suitable windows for each and every room in your home. They can also explain to you about the different type of windows like double hung windows, awnings, sliding windows, Vinyl windows and double or triple paned glass windows.
  • The absence of middle men reduces the costs involved.Direct communication with the manufacturer decreases the chances of miscommunication and also increases the quality of after sales service.
  • The local manufacturer will give you better warranty on their products and also regularly service the windows.
  • Another major advantage is, the local manufacturer will design custom cut windows that suit all the requirements of your home.
  • You can verify the certifications and registrations of your local manufacturer directly and accept the quotation only after you are satisfied with the quality of his products.
  • Since you can directly communicate with the manufacturer, you can clear all your doubts regarding the quality of materials used and the installation process. You can also get a guarantee regarding the safety of the products.
  • It is easy to research about the reputation of the local manufacturer based on the reviews of your family and friends who have previously availed their services.
  • The local manufacturers have a price advantage in comparison to the branded alternatives. They pass on this advantage to the buyers.

With so many advantages, it is always advisable to get custom cut windows for your home or office. They not only increase the aesthetics of a home but also increase its value.

Tips For Investing In Prints By Banksy

The England based street artist, activist and film director known as Banksy, who has somehow managed to remain anonymous in the age of internet, is well known across the world for his stencil-based street art, filled with political commentary, and, occasionally, black humor.

His works are famous across the globe, and are desired by a great many deal of people, but the artist themselves rarely release any commercial prints, hence, the value of Banksy prints are on the rise. As a result enthusiasts, collectors and investors are competing for the best value for Banksy prints.

For those interested in investing in them, here are some tips.

  • First and foremost: is it a genuine article?
    • The most important aspect of a lot of fields, is verifying the veracity of something. In this case, making sure that the Banksy prints you’re planning to invest in are the genuine articles. Banksy has a team of associates who certify the authenticity of prints related to his work; Pest Control. Their certification means that the print you have is an authentic Banksy, no doubt about it. If the certification isn’t from them, then it isn’t as good, or it’s outright worthless. If you’re buying from a gallery, most of the work associated with certification is already done for you, but getting additional verification couldn’t hurt. Of course, this goes without saying, any documentation regarding the authenticity of a piece is necessary when it’s put up on sale.
  • Subject, subject, subject.
    • As with any art, certain pieces hold more appeal than others. Certain Banksy prints are easier to resell, simply because their subject matter is very appealing. For example, Banksy’s Girl with a Balloon, is easily their most popular piece, with a large demographic owing to its wide appeal. Napalm (Can’t Beat the Feeling) is a strong piece, but it may not be what’s en vogue. Tastes and trends change, though, keep in mind. Ultimately, the best starting point for an investment is to consider what you want.
  • The price is right!!
    • Sometimes, art pieces sell for more than what they’re estimated to be worth. Banksy prints are no exception, with signed pieces worth up to £80K, and original prints raking in £1 M. When you’re buying a Banksy piece, or any art for that matter, take the necessary steps to ensure that you’re paying no more than you have to. Remember, you’re investing to make a profit in the future.

New Trends For A Luxury Resort And Spa In Phuket

For any kind of business to be able to keep its stable state in the industry that it belongs to, it has to make sure that it’s consistently following what the new trends are that can be helpful to them. You see, the world we are living right now, it’s already in a digital age where everything seems to be evolving on a consistent basis to the point that when you get left behind, it will be harder to play catch up game and regain your grasp in the industry. It’s basically the same thing for hotels and resorts especially in places that are considered by many as tourist destinations especially during the peak seasons such as summer when more people are expected to flock to these destinations to enjoy getting sun bathed. Nowadays, hotels and resorts, a luxury resort and spa in Phuket for example, are employing newer trends to hopefully attract new clients. The goal of employing these trends is to make sure that your resort is up to date in terms of meeting the needs of evolving vacationists.

If you are an owner of a luxury resort and spa in Phuket for example, you should make sure that your resort remains competitive especially with the rapid growth in the number of resorts of all sorts in the province of Phuket. Below are the trends of today for luxury properties that you should pick up if you want to keep up with the intensified competition in the tourism industry:

  • The comfort of the vacationists staying at a luxury resort remains the trend in 2017. Comfort includes the guests’ beds which should have a nice bed base, to the headboard, to the new kinds of pillows and the linens. Comfort should also include the appropriate lighting materials inside the rooms so that guests can move around safely. Also, the resort shouldn’t be infested by insects and pests.
  • Resorts and spas nowadays are becoming more practical. They now use construction and designing materials that are proven to be durable against wear and tear. They are now integrating technological solutions that will allow them to adapt for the newer trends in the future.
  • Resort owners are now becoming aware on how to upkeep the condition of their resorts. They use methods that are sustainable, functional and can help in cost-cutting initiatives.

Choosing The Best Canvas Printer

Tools are important. Having the right tool for the job can decide how well you perform in a particular task or while aiming for a particular goal. For printing small canvas print having the right canvas printer is paramount. So here are some tips for choosing your canvas printer.

  • The difference: Regular vs. Canvas
    • A canvas printer is different from a regular printer. The name isn’t just for fluff. Regular printers are configured differently from canvas printers, quality varies across models, but the key point is that canvas printers are designed for the bigger, bulkier, heavier media that canvas printing uses, whilst the regular ones are better suited for finer weights. Even using a regular printer for a small canvas print is pushing it.
  • So, you ignored the difference.
    • In line with the above point, if someone uses a regular printer for canvas printing, the heavier media puts much greater strain on the printer; strain it wasn’t designed for. The printer’s cutter will blunt faster, the motor that drives said cutter will strain itself more and is liable to burnout. Both of these will need more maintenance than usual when the regular printer is used for canvas printing, and maintenance means cost.
  • Inky, inky, inky.
    • As mentioned before, there are differences with regular printers and canvas printers, ink among them. The regular, technical printers use water-based dye inks, which aren’t waterproof or UV stabilized. They’re great for normal printing, but expose them to sunlight or water, and they will degenerate. Canvas printers, on the other hand, use pigment based inks, which are waterproof and UV stabilized. They won’t fade when left in the sun, and they last for quite a bit of time too.
  • DPI?
    • Dots per inch or DPI, is the measure of the number of dots (or more accurately, pixels) printed onto every inch of material. Higher number means finer detail when inspected up close. This isn’t that important for a canvas print, unless someone plans on viewing in up-close fairly often.
  • The important thing is…
    • Always take into account what you and your customers need. The printer is a business tool, and which one you get should fit your needs, without costing so much as to make any profit made with it a moot point. Take into account things like speed, processing capability, print volume, tonal range, etc.

Choosing A Rivet Tool That Best Suits Your Needs

Riveting is a method of construction that adjoins or rivets materials together. It could be done professionally usually on Aircraft construction or through a simple and practical Do It Yourself home improvement jobs.

It is important that you choose the appropriate rivet tool in line with your desired output. The more complex your job requires, the higher tool you should be considering.

Here are some of the most commonly used tools.

  • Rivet guns – Also known as blind fastener rivet ranges in different sizes and styles. Best for your home furniture and fixtures jobs.
  • Hand Rivet Squeezers – Also known as Pneumatic Rivet Squeezers used manually but can wear your arms and wrist.
  • Alligator Squeeze Riveters and Jaws – this is designed for an operator to install rivets accurately
  • C-type Squeeze Riveters and Yokes – more cost effective than the Alligator Squeeze type hence performance may be limited to some extent
  • Rivet Shavers – it is a tool to shave rivets for specific size and pattern
  • Bench Top Compression Riveters – ideally used for a much deeper reach as compared to the rivet guns and squeezers

Benefits of Solid Riveting:

  1. It is cost-effective, and best alternative to welding jobs. Primarily, riveting is more budget-friendly in all aspects. You do not need to have highly skilled labourer to do it. Manpower expense can be eliminated as you can do it yourself.
  2. It easy to use which promotes higher production output. Practically, anyone can use it depending on the rivet tool to be used. Since it is easy to use, more and more people are choosing this type of adjoining as compared to nuts and bolts.
  3. It is flexible and assembly is a lot easier. As it does not require complex procedures, execution and output are almost immediate.
  4. It is sturdier which would last for years as compared to adhesive process. Solid riveting can ensure long-lasting output.
  5. It is durable and can withstand corrosion brought about moisture and chemical exposures. Wear and tear is almost impossible.
  6. As it is not permanently adjoined, alteration to your changing need is possible. Though this option is not advisable as it may still have minimal damage to your material.

After Alterations

As I was having lunch with one of my colleagues at the office, I noticed how everything in the workspace seemed so, I don’t know, properly spaced out, I guess? Though, I believe, “properly positioned” would be more appropriate, I think.  My colleague pointed out that the higher-ups did some reviews after the relocation in the office space.  She said that the staff went around, asking for the employees’ opinions on the office layout, and made adjustments based on the data gathered. It sounded tedious. My colleague said it was.

But here’s the thing, the office space feels right. It’s not too open, or too cramped; it’s comfortable here. My other colleagues say that, as tedious as those reviews and the consequential minor alterations to the office space were, the end result was well worth it.

That’s when it occurred to me how important those reviews were. It was the perspective of the employees themselves, the people who moved around the office, carrying bags, files, and other office stuff, so what they thought and felt about the layout post-relocation is very important. Ok, rule of thumb is it’s a good idea to get your subordinates’ opinion on things. Not really relevant, I know, but I just felt like saying it. See, the nicest commercial office fitouts in the world aren’t going to matter if you don’t place them properly. I asked my colleagues how it was before, and general consensus is that the relocation was a massive improvement.

To reiterate, it’s important that, after any alteration to the office space, or any space, for that matter, that one take the time and effort to review the results. Phrased like that, it seems that that should be a general rule for any sort of endeavour, but, your mileage may vary on that. All the same, ensuring that the end result achieved what you wanted it to do may take time and effort, but doing so saves trouble in the long run two-fold; one: if your plan for the alteration includes a certain task/goal/target, then no need to readjust anything when you chance upon it, and two: you can spot any faults, mistakes, or flaws early, allowing you to fix them before they escalate.

That’s my ten cents, I hope you find them of some use.

Benefits Of Illustrated Maps

Illustrated maps have been used since time immemorial. Maps were created to provide detailed information about the area without too much use of words but utilize symbols to guide users instead. There are different types of maps but one of the most utilized maps is the type with illustrations due to a number of reasons. Here are three of those reasons.

Useful road patterns

One of the benefits of illustrated maps is it has road patterns that can help a user get back on the right track if ever he is lost. Unlike ordinary maps, an illustrated map has road patterns which signify concrete roads, walkways, dirt roads and other symbols that would provide the user on the road ahead. It is important that you become familiar of these road patterns to better understand the map although most illustrated maps have legends on the side or bottom of the map.

Easy to understand landmarks

With the use of symbols and landmarks, illustrated maps are easy to understand. With a short glance, you can easily tell if you are looking at a cathedral, a park, a train station, residential area or a landmark bridge or major river. This way, you can easily determine your exact location including the particular place that you want to reach. A traditional map only indicates the name of the area but it does not provide the things that you can find in the place. At most, the only thing you can see in a traditional map, aside from the name of the place, is the boundaries that separate one area to another.

You can find the location faster

With illustrated maps, you can easily find spots because it has more details than a traditional map. Once you are aware of your exact location, you can easily determine where your target location is and how you can get there easily. an illustrated map has road patterns so you would know where you are going to pass or the roads to be taken to get to your target location faster and without getting lost around the area.

Transform A Bathroom By Installing New Shower Screen

For people that have dealt with an old bathroom for several years on end, they are likely to know and appreciate the value of an upgrade. It lets one have that sense of relaxation since the space flows.

Yet, for people that intend to do upgrades, they are not fully aware of every functional, as well as superior and stylish, designs available in the market. It helps to take note of bathroom inspirations some months out, prior to actual upgrades or renovations taking place. With the massage options or the numerous schemes for shower heads, the bathrooms are increasingly becoming similar to spas.

One should not fail to know all these modern concepts since it might be take several years until a bathroom is renovated again. Therefore, include all the current designs in order to take advantage of the everyday luxuries.

Benefits of a shower screen

Instead of having to deal with a shower curtain that is falling out from a shower and water flooding a bathroom, a shower door became the solution. It was great at one point, but it had a lot of hardware, including a glass that needed cleaning. In addition, keeping it clean became a challenge, with the never-ending battle to remove soap scum.

With the frameless door, it removed the difficult-to-clean hardware and threw the etched and frosted glass, which caught the soap scum, and got replaced by the smooth glass. It is easier for people to clean, with the shower screens allowing a view of the whole bathroom, either from inside the shower or from the outside.

The design of showers screens are minimalist. A shower screen has a splash screen that brackets next to a shower spout. It usually hangs half as far compared to a traditional shower with a tub. It is successful in giving the whole bathroom a streamlined look.

The look is achieved through having the space clean and open, not compartmentalized and cluttered. The key is making sure that this is still going to prevent any overflows while using lesser glass.

Finally, it helps to get expert advice regarding design and installation, for it to work correctly with every component in a bathroom.

What Are The Odds Of Home Burglaries In The Unites States?

If you are still not convinced of getting a full-service security service or even a DIY for home security devices and alarms, then your home may be the next target for burglars. A burglary is reported at approximately every 14.5 seconds in the United States. That translate to two million homes in one year. In that two million, 8% of the burglary is done with armed criminals, raising the risk of fatality with the incident. Security and alarm system is not solely to prevent the risk of burglary, as sensors and alarms can also detect and warn in the event of fire or carbon monoxide poisoning. A fire is reported at approximately every twenty seconds. 39% of could have been easily avoided if alarms were installed and sadly, 59% of that portion resulted to fatalities. Factor that out to the total number of incidents in a year, a home security and alarm system could have saved a lot of lives.

Most people shy away from getting a home security system because of the expenses. A full-service does not only entail an up-front cost for the hardware installed and the installation itself but a monthly service fee as well for the maintenance and for a remote security team to monitor your place. Typically, a full-service set-up has also incorporated the intricate system into the structures internal wiring and electrical panel. This does not only mean a complicated and challenging, not to mention expensive, installation but also means that it will increase electricity bills. Looking at this reality make one conclude that home security system is only for the rich, and is more of a luxury rather than a need. But the statistics are already showing the high odds of burglary, so what can you do? The answer is DIY for home security devices.

Not only is it affordable, because you may choose the equipment that fit your budget but homeowners can also conveniently install it themselves completely getting rid of the installation cost. These devices are wireless and communicate with each other via radio and cellular signals, which make its installation a convenience. Hazard in the installation is also less likely because there is no need to involve electrical wirings, these devices are standalone and run on batteries, which means it will not affect electricity bills as well.