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LED Lighting Technology To Replace Traditional Lighting Systems

Can a group of street lights be remotely turned on or off through a mobile app? Buddy Stefanoff has demonstrated a technology wherein a light tap on the screen of his mobile phone switched on a bright LED light instantly on a streetlight fixture placed on a stand across the room.

Buddy Stefanoff is the vice president and senior design engineer of Crossroads LED that is developing high output LED technology. It is expected that LED lighting will soon replace incandescent lamps, fluorescent lights and high intensity discharge lighting for almost all lighting applications.

Crossroads LED started through multi-colour lighting for the amusement and entertainment industries but with the growth of the company, diversification in the commercial and industrial white lighting markets became necessary. Today, Crossroads LED has diversified into design and manufacture of multicolour and white LED lighting systems that are very important for museums, theatres, arenas, city civic centres and large venues.

Cities and municipalities can make use of LED lighting to save hundreds of thousands of dollars in energy and maintenance costs.  One of the projects of Crossroads in Santa Fe, Mexico provided retrofit solutions for decorative and historical fixtures. The 250-watt metal halide fixtures were converted into a 70-watt LED lighting platform to save Santa Fe more than 100,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity annually.

Crossroads LED has also completed other projects that include the advance caution lighting system along a catch fence at Texas Motor Speedway in Fort Worth, Texas. The company has also installed a patented Infinity multicolour lighting system for Coca Cola Museum located in Atlanta.

All the high-wattage house lights at the Rabobank Arena in Bakersfield, California have also been retrofitted as well as the illuminated scholarship plaques on the Fold of Honor facility in Owasso. Currently ongoing is retrofitting of 175-watt acorn-style post top lights in Tulsa with 70-watt LED retrofit luminaries.

One of the versatile lighting systems with small footprints is the 12-volt LED strip lighting that can be used for various applications. The versatility of LED strip lights allows you to create different exciting visual effects that cannot be provided by other traditional lighting systems.

M2M Communications To Emerge As Key Component Of Internet Of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) will be bringing new network challenges for the enterprise on a number of fronts because it will drive a need for new edge and real time analysis to be able to support myriad devices all over the world. IoT will also force organizations to pay attention to how “things” interact with each other.

Machine-to-machine (M2M) communications will emerge as a key component of both IoT and industrial IoT because it will be the driving force behind the Internet of Everything (IoE) that will include connected machines, devices and people. According to Future Market Insights, the IoE industry is on pace to grow by 16.4% per year for the remainder of the decade to reach $7 billion in revenue. The field of IoE will include intelligent sensors, RFID technology cellular infrastructure and connectivity platforms that will all be linked together through intelligent algorithms and high speed networking and processing.

According to the research made by Technavio, the key link in the chain in the M2M networking will be the low power wide area networks (LPWANs) a market that is expected to grow by 50% per year until 2021. Since most of the applications for M2M and IoT will require limited costs and energy consumption, LPWAN will be an effective method to support steady data streams of machines that include connected cars and intermittent data needs of less than active tools like security systems.

Most data rates will be quite low but it will need a network that can function over long range with the potential to support more individual traffic flows of present day 2G, 3G and 4G mobile infrastructures. The need to supply a high level of connectivity to the enterprise is already gaining the attention of mobile providers and leading telcos that they have upgraded to intelligent management systems and support.

On the other hand, the most common problem of consumers is weak signal particularly inside buildings. One of the solutions that have been developed is mobile phone signal booster that is designed to amplify and existing signal. Myamplifiers will help you choose an ideal mobile phone signal booster to you enjoy stable and consistent mobile coverage.

Tips In Choosing Windows Training Institute

There are several reasons why a person would seek Microsoft certification. For one, Microsoft Windows are essential part in performing day to day operations in the office. Knowing how to troubleshoot and manage Windows would highly benefit not just the employees but the entire organization as well. With proper Windows training, a company no longer has to hire Windows technicians since its workforce can already perform installation, management and troubleshooting its operating systems. However, the efficacy of the employees would rely much on where they obtained their training and certification from. In order to ensure that you get quality training carefully consider where you are going to take the training course. Here are some points to look at:

Microsoft certified instructors

Do not just obtain your training from anyone who claims to be knowledgeable on Windows. Make sure that they have the accompanying certification from Microsoft as a proof that they are skilled and trained enough to transfer knowledge to other people. Before you register to a Windows training, check the professional background of the instructor including the trainings he has gone through to ensure that he is qualified to teach.

Microsoft certified

Apart from Microsoft certified instructors, you should also check the background of the institute from where you intend to get your training from. A reputable learning institute should be a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner for Learning Solutions. This means that the institution is accredited by Microsoft to impart knowledge about their systems, applications and different programs. This also means that their modules are reviewed and approved by Microsoft making the lessons reliable and high quality. Without this certification, learning institutions are not recognized by Microsoft and should be opted out from your potential institution to enrol from.

Trusted by students

Only acquire your Windows training from a trusted learning institute. Therefore, the institution’s ratings by former students should be checked. Avoid a learning centre with poor feedback and rating from its former students and with low number of enrolees. Always choose a learning centre which is recommended by its former students.

How Apple Created A Unique Product That Started A Profitable Global Industry

In January 9, 2007, Apple, one of the most influential companies in the world introduced the iPhone, a product that started a very profitable global industry. In terms of profitability, there are only two or three companies in the world that make as much money as Apple does from a Smartphone alone. Apple has certainly defined modern economy when it created a new product category in the Smartphone.

Ten years ago, there were no iPhones and imitators but now it has become a major object of desire among humans all over the globe. The iPhone has certainly changed the market of software, music and advertising. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg because when you delve into the tale, you will find out about the forgotten actors behind the technology like Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Tim Cook.

What makes an iPhone very popular? Many people prefer its cool design, user interface, how software works and attention to details like hardware. Underneath the charming surface of the iPhone are the critical technologies that include tiny microprocessors, memory chips, solid-state hard drives, liquid crystal displays and the lithium-based batteries.

There are also the key elements of networks and software like Fast-Fourier-Transform algorithms made up of clever bits of math that can swiftly transform analogue signals like sound, visible light and radio waves to digital signals that computers can handle. However, the internet is a critical element of the Smartphone; without internet and cellular networks, there is no Smartphone.

Other important components of the iPhone that makes it smart include GPS or global positioning systems, touch screen and Siri, the voice activated artificial intelligence. Some of the technologies are indispensable; some are not important. Eventually, the technologies used in the iPhone were imitated and commercialized by private sector entrepreneurs. Apple has indeed created something wonderful that people and businesses rely on nowadays.

On the other hand, there are companies with different specializations like corporate team building programs. Event teams are highly experienced to ensure a hassle-free and successful team building activity in your choice of venue. The event is fully planned and prepared for to improve the relationships among employees.

Which Cooker Hood Is The Best For A Kitchen

Just like every other purchase for a home, buying a cooker hood is one decision that has to be done intelligently. To begin with, one needs to decide the type of cooker hood needed. This mostly depends on a cooker’s size and a person’s budget.

Different types of cooker hoods

Built-in: For those with a standard or narrow cooker, this may be for them. It is between 52 – 60 cm wide and fits kitchen cabinets.

Chimney: For those with a cooker which backs to a wall, this is a good option. This consists of a canopy and a chimney and comes as either glass or stainless steel.

Free-standing: For those concerned of their budgets, this is the cheapest option. However, this is the least powerful.

Integrated: For those that want the hood tucked away, this is a good option. This is not powerful as the chimney or island hoods. This is suitable for the usual four-ring cookers rather than the larger models.

Island: This is most expensive and also the biggest one around. This attached directly to a ceiling which means this is appropriate for kitchens with bigger spaces.

Costs to get a great cooker hood

For about £100, one can buy a built-in, free-standing or an integrated cooker hood that is big enough to be fitted over a four-ring cooker. However, some are better than others. In addition, some are not powerful enough.

For £200 – £300, there are bigger cooker hoods, fitted over an 110 cm range cooker or hob. These bigger ones are good at extracting steam compared to smaller hoods.

For £400 or more, there are large island hoods that have the helpful features from cheaper hoods with better looks and design elements.

Cooker hood filter

A cooker hood has a grease filter. This will capture grease when it rises from the hob, which avoids it from settling on a kitchen surface or leaving hard-to-remove stains. The filters come in different materials: paper, stainless steel or aluminium. Metal filters require washing. Paper filters should be replaced every couple of months. One can also acquire replacement filters from the hood’s manufacturer.

Other considerations

Other things that need to be considered for a cooker hood are its controls, its power settings, lights and extraction.

Vespa To Release Its First Electric Scooter

All over the globe, there has been a continued growth in popularity of electric scooter. The most mind-boggling of all is that many of the known and established brands when it comes to scooter manufacturing have been quite slow in jumping to the bandwagon of transforming their fuel powered motorbikes to electric ones. One of the best examples in this matter is the popular brand Vespa which originated in Italy.

The good news is that there absence in the electric scooter market might not be for too long. According to recent reports, the company is now on their way to making their very own and first every version of electric scooter. As of now, there has not been much details revealed with regards to these latest product from the company. The consumers are left to their imagination to determine how far along their first electric scooter is when it comes to development.

According to reports, and these are all we know about the Vespa electric scooter, the concept is called Elettrica Electric Scooter and it is the name widely known now to many scooter enthusiasts. The product is said to be available in commercial market before the end of 2017. The new electric version will have the same trademark quality from the company that is known in manufacturing classic Vespa motorbikes that are in style and easy to maneuver. Reports have also suggested that this version will have what they call the innovative connectivity solution.

As for the price, there are still no reports about the pricing range of the product but it is expected that the company will be pricing it higher compared to the conventional models they have. This is because of the fact that battery packs are costly and should be of high quality in order to power an electric scooter. All we can do is standby for the launch and see what they have in store for us.

There have been estimates from Vespa dealers that the electric scooter might carry around a price tag of $10,000. This might be a premium price when compared to other electric scooters but this one caries the brand Vespa as well as its known public image.

Latest Technology Employed On Condominiums

Since the past twenty years, a lot have changed especially when it comes to technology. The world is now a much safer place because of it. In terms of housing, people are also more likely to buy condo units rather than a single family home because of security reasons. One of the most attractive feature of a condominium is its round the clock security which makes the homeowners comfortable in their living space. This security is not only accomplished by human security on the lobby but together with the help of technology, a building can be maintained as secure as possible.

Majority of condo managements are trying to weigh in the benefits of having a physical security compared to using electronic gadgets. When it comes to return of investment, it can be said that employing electronics is much cheaper compared to hiring people you will have to pay a monthly salary. When it comes to electronics, security is much more as long as it is installed correctly. A human security can’t be at several places at the same time and there are human mistakes to be accounted for. To be on the safe side, many are employing both in their building. A human presence coupled with a video and technology system is a more comforting thought. It is to be expected that for super luxury condominiums, the security is also top of the bar.

There are many options for technology that can be employed inside a condominium premise such as CCTV or closed-circuit television, panic alarms, security systems that are owned by the residences and the community, access control as well as perimeter protection. If looking for more affordable alternative then cameras should be installed in common areas and inside the buildings for monitoring.

The demand for video monitoring is still high because it helps in preventing crimes, identifying those involved, detecting crimes as well as liming the liability of the management. Another important system that should be installed is one that gives warning in case of fire as well as carbon monoxide leaks because condos are known to be connected units inside the building.

If you are looking for a Bangkok condo for sale, make sure that the security is up to your standard.

Programmer Used LIDAR To Make 3D London Map

Andrew Godwin purchased his 3D printer January of 2016 and it was the first he owned. We all know the price tag that comes with this machine is not cheap and he also acknowledges that fact thereby he promised himself he would do something worthwhile with his new printer.

During an interview with Gowdin through Skype, he said that he has a fascination with maps thus it triggered him to start thinking about creating a topographical map of the UK. He originated from the southern part of London and he has also lived for while in Oxford. He is now currently residing and working in San Francisco where he is a programmer. It was then he discovered that there are LIDAR data of London contributed by the UK Environmental Agency. LIDAR is short term for Light Detection And Ranging. It is a recent technology used for surveillance and is being used to measure distances. This process is accomplished by using laser light and shining it onto the target. With this technology, the result comes out in very fine resolution. Because of this, it made him think about recreating the map of London in 3D.

Godwin shared that upon knowing the LIDAR data, he was intrigued by the idea of seeing London’s map in 3D. He began printing in the end of January and the entire process cost him to finish on May because of different challenges along the way. The first challenge was for him to make the LIDAR file into a format that can be read by the 3D printer. Godwin said that the previous file contains a lot of noise that the printer cannot reproduce it.

He also shared how he made the entire project which is done by taking all the data and averaging out the points so his version would be a lower detailed version. The heights are then changed to a 3 meter of intervals. The whole thing is then finished using a smoothing that is neighbour-based. The 3D map is another creation of an artist. Other variations can be made such as the London City Illustrated Map which might look handmade but digitally made.

A Guide To Chartering A Yacht

Just imagine yourself, cruising along the Caribbean in a yacht, immersing yourself in the splendor of the crystal blue waters and basking under the glory of the sun, wouldn’t that feel amazing? But amazing as it sounds, it also sounds very expensive, N-O-T! While you may think that chartering a yacht is expensive, in truth, it actually costs the same as going on a traditional cruise or staying at a beach resort.

All you need to do is learn how to sail a little and hire a captain you can trust then you can hire a boat that you can use to cruise around the blue seas.

If you want to know how to charter a yacht then let this article be your guide.

  • First of all, you don’t need a license to drive a 50-foot yacht. However, companies would ask you to list down your experience with yachts and more importantly, sailing. This would include all the sailing lessons you have taken and trips you have gone on down a resume. You will also undergo an onboard briefing as well as a Q&A session. Taking all of these into account, the company would then decide whether you and your group would be able to handle your chosen boat or any other smaller boat or whether you need a professional captain with you. As long as you have 2 or 3 people who know how to hoist the main, you would be able to go on bareboating. If you’ve no experience sailing, then the company might make you hire a skipper. No matter the circumstance, you still get to decide where to go.
  • Carefully choose an agency where you will charter a boat from. Make sure to ask numerous questions and do some prior research before making a choice.
  • Prices are mostly determined by season and rentals could be limited to 5 or 7 days minimum. Other factors that influence the price are the size of the boat, age, staff and the amenities. During summer, if you fill a boat with friends, it may cost $200 a night per person which would also include the food and drinks. Going bareboating could start as cheap as $50 per head.

So what are you waiting for? Charter a luxury sailing yacht with Canarysail now!

Helpful Tips To Reducing Your Electric Costs

At an age where almost everything is run by electricity, it is quite understandable how most electric bills can soar without the homeowner even knowing. The sad truth is that your electric costs probably occupy a large portion of your budget. In fact, an entire budget can be consumed by the electric bill and mortgage alone. This is the main reason why people are looking cost efficient energy solutions in order to cut down on their electric costs.

By conserving energy, you will not only be helping the environment, you will also be able to save money too. Know that when your electric bill is rising, there could be only two things that had caused this: you have a problem with your electrical system; or you have a problem with energy spending.

If it is the former, you should call on the help of emergency electricians Perth immediately so they can inspect what’s wrong. But if it is the latter, then it is up to you to reduce your electric costs. Here are some helpful tips that you can use to save energy.

  1. Get energy-efficient devices. Whenever you are looking for an appliance or a gadget, always ask for an energy efficient alternative. Check the device’s consumption. Most devices would also have an energy-saving label on them.
  2. Unplug appliances when not in use. The best way to save on energy is by turning off or unplugging appliances that are not in use. Remember, even when appliances are switched off, as long as they’re connected to an outlet, they’ll be consuming energy
  3. Refrigerators & Freezers. It would be better if you find the coolest area of your house and place your refrigerators there. You should also keep the doors closed and defrost the fridge if there is a layer of ice.
  4. Avoid using electric energy as heat. Although it is the most efficient way of heating, it is also a very costly solution.
  5. Proper placement of appliances. Know where and how your appliances can perform at its best.
  6. Keep track of bills. This is important so that you’ll know how much you are saving or if you are saving anything at all.

The Good and Bad Impact of Technology to Global Business

It cannot be denied that technology has made a powerful impact on global business. The internet has made communication easy and convenient. The internet has also paved the path for ecommerce so that consumers can purchase products from almost anywhere. The flow of information has become fast and free once there is internet connectivity but at the same time, it also has led to negative impact on the global business world.

Internet technology has allowed businesses to communicate easily through Skpe, chat rooms and other online software without the need to travel to the other side of the globe. Meetings can be held even without being personally present in the conference room. However, there is still a big difference between face-to-face meetings than communicating through the internet. The internet has certainly minimized the personal aspect of business relationship. Years ago, businessmen will close deals on golf courses or over a few drinks in a restaurant.

Technology has certainly made many employees efficient because they can complete a job in half the time that they used. However, installing monitoring software in the workplace sends a message that they cannot be trusted. When employees are given responsibility, trust and respect, it boosts their morale and productivity. If there is no trust, employees lose their self-esteem and impacts on their productivity. This is regardless of the reason why the monitoring software was installed.

Spam is unwanted or unsolicited emails and wading through them is a sheer waste of time and efforts. Spam is widespread on the internet and it has a negative impact on global business because some important email messages can be diverted inadvertently as spam.

The popularity of ecommerce has had a negative effect on the traditional brick and mortar stores. Small stores are finding it harder to compete with online business that allows efficient and convenient shopping. For example, a small bookstore may find it difficult to compete with Amazon.

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All You Need To Know About Compression Clothing

If you have tried exercising or training in gyms ten years ago, you will find people in their best clothes which are typically baggy. Oversized T-shirts and loose sweatpants were the norm apparel a decade ago since these were comfortable to wear and also had the added benefit of hiding the areas of people’s body that they were trying to get into shape. Today however, most cyclists, runners and people exercising in gyms are wearing tight and sleek sportswear when working out or training.

These apparels are commonly referred to as compression clothing. These tight and snug garments are made considering every part of your body including hoods, skull caps, arm sleeves, calf guards and socks. Across the industry, both people in the fitness clothing store and athletes would say that this trend of buying and wearing snug outfits is gaining popularity.

What is the science behind compression clothing? Scientifically it is said that applying a balanced pressure on the surfaces of specific body parts will trigger an acceleration of the flow of blood in that certain part. Furthermore, it will also increase delivery of oxygen to different muscle groups that are being worked out in order to enhance the performance of the muscles. The improvement in blood circulation will help the body reduce the lactic acid as well as other metabolic wastes build-up. The benefits of the compression clothing will allow the user to work at a much higher rate and for a longer period of time.

Another benefit of compression clothing is the ability of the fabric to be able to draw moisture away from one’s body and keep the wearer warmer during cold seasons and cooler in warm seasons. Additionally, this type of apparel is made with an anti-bacterial material. This means that even if you are sweating, you are less likely to have undesirable body odor. Since these items are sleek and that most people will prefer the color black, you will not only feel good while wearing the compression apparel but you will likewise look good on it. This type of performance sportswear can be bought in your nearest sports apparel store or you may visit the trusted retailer Proviz.

How To Make Your Brand Standout In Search And Attract More Leads

Ribbons are used all over the world because of their beauty and function. They have always been used for décor and embellishment and to spruce up almost anything from clothes, hair, gifts, wreaths, bouquets and home décor including scrapbooks and school projects. If you are looking for ribbons, the most convenient and efficient step you can undertake is to make a Google search using the keyword “ribbon”; however, the search results will be tremendous.

Ever since Google released Hummingbird algorithm, the use of unique keyword phrases have become more important. While Google has provided websites with AdWords, you still need to do your own research for long-tail keywords to organic traffic to your site.

Some keywords have become so widely used that search queries have become more conversational. The goal of a brand is to search for a keyword that is not so competitive yet it stands out in search and to web users. The best place to begin learning about the brand’s latest conversions is social media which is now being influenced by what users are looking for. There are tools available that can help you monitor activity on your networks and it is possible to come across the keywords that users use in their tweets and posts.

Find out about what is trending in the market by tracking the content and keywords that your competitors use. There are also sources for keyword phrases that can help your brand through sites like LinkedIn, Klout, Topsy and

Online courses are quite popular nowadays and if you enroll in one, you can get tips from the experts. You can also gain new ideas which you can use for your target market. You can also use a combination of keywords because many listings label their phrases in bold type.

Look for Q&A sites because they are good source for new topic ideas and insights regarding your brand’s niche. You can also gather new keyword phrases although your brand can benefit most from a free market research method. Once you find the right keyword phrases you can help your brand such as ribbons standout in search to attract more leads to your website about ribbons.

Recent Development In Laser Eye Surgery

Though there are other alternative for people with poor eyesight such as correction glasses and contact lenses, more and more patients are considering laser treatment thus the increase of visitors on which is an efficient website when finding a suitable eye clinic.

Despite the fact that correction glasses and contact lenses are available, laser eye surgery still presents a more convenient option which makes everyday life easier for those with poor eyesight. It is no fun going to the beach and swimming while you have to wipe your glasses every few minutes. Those contact lenses can also prove to be a nuisance when swimming and salt water gets inside your eye which can cause irritation. With this, more patients are considering laser treatment and letting those glasses go permanently. When it comes to laser eye surgery, LASIK is the most known to many because it has been available for a number of years. Since technology advances, it is not surprising that another laser procedure has been making its wave.

This new laser procedure is called the SMILE laser eye surgery or Small Incision Lenticule Extraction laser eye surgery. It is the most recent procedure used to correct the cornea. This procedure is designed to help short-sighted individuals stop being dependent on their glasses. The procedure uses a high speed laser called femtosecond laser which is responsible in separating the lenticule which is found inside the eye’s cornea. Upon separation, the tissue is then extracted which changes the shape of your eye and also makes it possible to see clearly without the help of correction glasses.

SMILE laser eye surgery can be performed on patients whose short-sightedness is moderate to very high with a range of -3 to -10 dioptres. If the patient has astigmatism then this is also a perfect treatment option. If LASIK can’t be performed on a patient because of a condition called dry eye then this eye laser treatment is suitable for that individual. Unlike LASIK procedure, SMILE does not create any flap inside the cornea and the process is not highly invasive which creates very minimal effect on the treated eye.

A Breakthrough in Memory Technology through 3D Xpoint Technology by Intel

For decades, industries have searched for a solution to reduce the lag time between the processor and data to achieve a faster analysis. Today, Intel Corporation and Micron Technology has unveiled 3D XPoint Technology that has the potential to revolutionize any device, application or service that benefits from fast access into large sets of data. 3D XPoint Technology is a major breakthrough in memory process technology and the first new memory category ever since NAND flash was introduced in 1989.

Massive amounts of new data are generated from the explosion of connected and digital services. In order for this massive amount of data to be useful, it needs to be stored and analyzed very quickly. This is the challenge faced by service providers and system builders because they have to balance cost, power and performance trade-offs in the design of memory and storage solutions.

3D XPoint Technology will provide performance, density, power, non-volatility and cost benefits for all available memory technologies in the market. The technology boasts of up to 1,000 times faster and up to 1,000 times greater endurance compared to NAND flash with 10 times more density than conventional memories. This new class of non-volatile memory achieves the goal that industries have been seeking for in their memory and storage solutions.

The performance of 3D XPoint Technology could also enhance the PC experience so that consumers will enjoy faster interactive social media and faster collaboration to achieve a better gaming experience. The non-volatile nature of the new technology will be a great choice for low latency storage applications since data will not be erased even if the power is turned off.

Retailers will also benefit from 3D XPoint Technology because it will allow them to quickly identify fraud patterns in financial transactions. Healthcare researchers will also be able to process large amounts of data in real time to accelerate complex tasks like genetic analysis and disease tracking.

3D XPoint Technology is a product of more than a decade of research and development to address the needs for a non-volatile, high performance, high endurance and high capacity and memory for an affordable cost.

Blinding White for Your Twitter Homepage Background

If you notice a stark all-white background instead of the customized background when you are viewing your profile, main timeline and notifications, do not worry because it is not just you. Twitter has decided to remove wallpapers from user’s homepages and notification timelines last Monday.

All background images are only available where logged-in users will see them publicly in Tweet pages, list pages and collections pages. Twitter’s pre-set background or the user’s customized wallpapers have been replaced with what some people refer to as “blinding white”. Previously, users were allowed to change the background image on their profiles which also showed as their wallpaper on the Twitter website.

However, Twitter has also made an improvement because it now easier to manage your account’s security and privacy settings. A new data dashboard has been introduced to provide users with a detailed look at all their privacy and security settings so that users can easily manage account access, block accounts and block access to third party apps.

The password-protected dashboard can now be accessed through your account’s main settings menu under “Your Twitter data” where you have an overview of your account history. This also includes the exact date and time when you signed for Twitter including all the apps and devices that are currently authorized to access your account. For example, if you have been using a mobile phone to access Twitter, it will show the date when it was activated for Twitter. The same info is available when you used an Android tablet.

The reason why Twitter has made improvements on the security and privacy settings is to give users an easy way to verify that everything should look the way it should be. It is important for users to have control over their information that is why Twitter has made the deliberate design decisions.

For example, if you see a login activity from an app that you do not recognize, you can easily go to the app tab in your setting to revoke its access to your Twitter account. If you notice there are logins from suspicious locations, you can change your password immediately and enroll in login verification for additional security.

Silicon Roundabout – A Victim Of Its Own Success

Silicon Roundabout was hailed as Britain’s answer to America’s Silicon Valley – a place where tech entrepreneurs thrive. However, 6 years after Silicon Roundabout was launched, businesses in the Tech City have fallen dramatically. Based on official figures, there is a dramatic slowdown on the number of businesses that are starting in Tech City.

From the figures obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, the number of new businesses fell by at least 70% from 10,280 in 2015 to 3,070 in 2016. If compared to 2014 wherein the new businesses that opened were 15,620, the sharp fall is very noticeable. According to Colin Jones of UHY Hacker Young, who obtained the figures from HMRC, Silicon Roundabout fell off the top spot in terms of new business creation because it became a victim of its own success.

According to experts, rentals in the Tech City have become rather expensive so that emerging businesses have to look elsewhere for rent they can afford. The Silicon Roundabout became very popular with internet companies because historically, the rents were rather low but since the rents have dramatically increased, the area has lost its competitive advantages.

The sudden drop in startups has literally knocked Tech City from its place as one of the most attractive areas in the UK to start a business. From 2013 to 2014, Tech City was the UK’s fastest growing area for new businesses but last year, it dropped by 6 places and is now behind Warrington and London’s Leicester Square.

This is an embarrassing blow to the government because it wanted Tech City to be the hub for new startups and entrepreneurs. When Silicon Roundabout was launched in late 2010, the goal was to turn the East London district into one of the world’s greatest technology centers. Technology startups are spreading to several areas in London and Tech City will still play a major role in tech growth.

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