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White House Confirms Canada Will Receive Vaccines From The US

The US is doing well with its vaccination, which is good news for everyone in the country, especially for businesses that travel into and out of the country like Titan Transline, as they can get their people vaccinated in the country with little problem.

In a show of cooperation with its neighbors, the White House confirmed on May 7 that it’ll send 4mn AstraZeneca-Oxford COVID-19 vaccine doses to Canada and Mexico, with Canada to receive 1.5mn doses.

Canada’s vaccination program is really behind, so these additional vaccines, amounting to more than a one-third boost for the country, will only really help shrink the gap a bit.

White House Coordinator for the COVID-19 response Jeffrey Zients issued the statement, saying that they’re lending a portion of their resealable AstraZeneca vaccines to Mexico and Canada. They add that this will help their neighbors meet their critical demand for vaccination which, in turn, will provide more protection across the whole of the North American continent. This, in turn, could potentially lead to land borders being reopened sooner, lifting the restrictions on travel and helping out logistic firms like Titan Transline and the like.

Zients’ colleague Andy Slavitt also tweeted the news. According to the White House, they were already finalizing plans with the other countries on May 6, with the announcement made official on the following day.

The Canadian official stated that the vaccine does have expiry dates in May and June, but that’s still enough time to get them administered to Canadians.

White House officials, wary of the potential for political blowback from this move, stated that the US’s own immunization program would not be affected, with plans to have doses ready for all Americans by May 31.

This transfer, they say, involves vaccines that Americans aren’t using, as the US has yet to give approval to the AstraZeneca vaccine, and they’re sending some of the doses to its neighbors instead of risking their expiry.

Political analysts and experts are looking at this move and considering what the motivation for it. One angle noted is continental migration. A lot of border-state lawmakers have asked the Biden administration to give vaccines to Canada and Mexico in order to help the land borders between the countries reopened, as a lot of these border states; like Texas, are reliant on cross-border trade.



Technologies That Will Give Trucking And Logistics Providers A Competitive Edge

Since technology will determine the future of trucking and logistics providers like Titan Transline, stakeholders in the industry must be updated on the latest technologies that will affect the industry. The competitive advantage of a trucking and logistics business can be transformed if they take advantage of the enormous amount of date generated by sensors and tracking devices.

Software used to run daily tracking operations like transportation management systems, order management and asset and fleet management systems are good sources of raw data. API’s, web services, advanced data mapping and data streaming from the back door also allows access to real time data for further processing.

However, cost is the greatest challenge to trucking and logistics providers who want to leverage customized optimization solutions. Given the dynamics and complexities of businesses, a one-size-fits-all solution is not the best approach to deliver an optimal solution. Meanwhile, the presence of solver technologies like Gurobi, Frontline and Google Optimizer have placed optimization solutions within reach. Businesses no longer have to pay prohibitive license costs in running complex analytics to identify what needs to be optimized.

Tremendous amount of data is now available and accessible to trucking and logistics providers through machine learning. Trucking providers are able to automate tasks that humans usually do. Artificial intelligence can be used to correlate data generated from various sources like shippers, drivers, consignees, routes, dwell time, idle time and many more. Machines have the capability to provide automated decisions on driver allocation, truck breakdown and fuel stops. Customer service has been improved by chat bots that analyse data from TMS and GPS.

With the advent of cloud computing, access to infrastructure to embark on complex technological initiatives has become affordable. AWS, Azure and GCP have provided out-of-the-box machine learning capabilities, compelling analytics and visualization solutions to small and mid-sized trucking and logistics providers.

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How To Be Successful With Your Trucking Business

Starting a trucking company has become one of the most ideal businesses across the globe, especially with the presence of hauling businesses and e-commerce. These industries are great sources of profit and growth because they require transportation and shipments that only trucking companies can provide. If you have started to operate your own company but still struggling from the competition, here are some tips to reach for success.


  • You have to be consistent in checking the fuel price. It has become a common mistake among truckers to go for the cheapest pump price. They assume that it is the cheapest way to get fuel. However, it is not true in all cases. Pump prices sometimes deceive consumers. This is something that well-established trucking companies, such as Titan Transline, have learned from.

It is important to know that all truckers are required to pay taxes in each state they drive along the way to their destination. The tax cost will depend on the amount of gallons used. In other states, the miles driven are also counted. As a result, truckers purchase fuel at the cheapest base price.


  • You have to lessen broker use. Once you acquire a load from a broker, a portion of your profit will be given away. It is better to get a load at a minimal price than do nothing if your change per mile is enough. Thus, load boards or brokers are ideal if you use them the right way. To be more effective, it is best to not be dependent on brokers and load boards. Instead, you have to establish good relationships with direct shippers. Through this approach, you can generate income in the industry much faster and more decently.


  • You need accounting software. Almost all successful trucking companies, including Titan Transline, have seen the importance of accounting software to their businesses. This software works well in managing revenue and expenses, which means you can lessen the stress of handling a company. In addition, it offers a base package for free. This is beneficial especially to new truckers who have only started in the industry.