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ESA Plans Missions To Deal With Defunct Satellites

Ask any company like, and they’ll say that dealing with junk removal can be a huge problem. They, however, don’t have to deal with the kind of junk that the European Space Agency has to deal with; space debris.

So, when the ESA proposed their latest plan for getting rid of defunct orbiting satellites, a lot of people, even those outside of companies like, took notice.

ESA General Director Johann-Dietrich Worner spoke during the ESA”s ministerial council that of the 4,500 satellites orbiting the Earth, only 1,500 are actually active. On top of that, they’re also expecting that the problem will only grow rose, with the number of satellites launched going up annually.

Earlier in July 2019, Amazon requested permission from the US Federal Communications Commission for the launch of more than 3000 satellites into Low Earth Orbit in order to bring broadband to parts of the world that don’t have much of it.

Worner stated that the Earth has a meteorite problem, noting how evidence points to a meteorite being the thing that made the dinosaurs extinct. He says that humanity doesn’t want to die because of a meteorite, and that we should really investigate that. To have ways to spot meteorites, and to have something that’ll allow us to fight it, which is why the proposal with the Americans is being looked at.

Another issue Worner talked about is the space debris issue, from old satellites, and the like. He notes that the ESA has about 4,500 satellites in orbit, with only 1,500 active, which is a huge danger. For that reason, he says, they are proposing a mission where they bring down an ESA-owned defunct asset, not just as a way to deal with their defunct satellites, but also to show that direct de-orbiting is a viable way to avoid future space debris.

There’s been a few proposals to deal with the world’s worsening space junk issue. Satellites, harpoons, nets, and other technology are being developed aimed at providing garbage-removal spacecraft the necessary tools to deal with defunct satellites and safely pull it down to the Earth’s atmosphere, where it can burn up by itself.

Guide In Getting A Lawyer

The very first question many people ask is, do they really require a lawyer? The answer is maybe they need one and maybe they don’t. If you are hiring a lawyer because of immigration issues, then here are some things you should do first. Number one is to speak with the ISS adviser assigned to you and second is to check in to the website of the US Citizenship and Immigration Service or USCIS. The site will be able to answer many of the questions you may have.

If you have already decided that you need a lawyer then here are some ways you can find one:
– Visit the website of AILA or American Immigration Lawyers Association and navigate to the Immigration Lawyer Referral Service.
– Use the internet and search for immigration lawyers that are located in your area.
– Give a call to the local bar association in order to be given the lawyer referral service. Check online for the contact number of your local bar association.
– Have a peek at the law directory which will give you a short biography of all the lawyers that are practicing in your area.

Once you have a list of prospect lawyers, all you have to do now is choose. Before you decide, call every office of all the lawyers that are included in your list. Give a summary of your problem and ask them the following questions:
– If their specialty is related to your problem or if they have any experiences in handling legal problems such as yours.
– Inquire regarding the fee – whether it will be a one-time fixed rate or an hourly rate.
– Ask for an estimate of how much it will cost for you to hire them.
– Last, ask how long it will take for them to resolve the problem.

Before choosing your lawyer, make sure that you have good communication and you are able to understand him or her. Compare the fees with other lawyers and ask yourself whether it is a reasonable price. The lawyer should have a clear plan and explanation on how to go about with your legal problem. If you are residing in Thailand and looking for legal advice, make sure you choose a Trusted International Legal Advice in Thailand.

Helpful Tips in Choosing the Best Wedding Favors

CA – September 17, 2015 – Favor boxes, or just simply favors, are a great way of showing how grateful you are to your guests for being present in one of the most important dates in your life, your wedding. During weddings, most people would focus on the cake, the dress and the venue and although wedding favors may not be as important as these things, but they sure do a wonderful job in making guests feel loved and remembered.

Know that wedding favors do not have to be ostentatiously extravagant or expensive. What matters is that you find favors that are a reflection of who you are and what you do. So if you are getting married, here are some tips to help you out in choosing wedding favors perfect for your wedding.

  1. Nothing beats traditional do-it-yourself wedding favor boxes. The internet is home to many wedding favor ideas that you can use. It is also filled with numerous tutorials and how-to videos such as those you can find on YouTube. This will not only help save you money but also show how much you appreciate the guests.
  2. So you have already bought the wedding favors that you would be distributing to your guests? But did you know that you can personalize these favors to make them even more special? You only need a touch of creativity and patience to make this work.
  3. If there is something people have in common, it would probably be the love for snacks. Why not treat your guest with something delectable or scrumptious? To make these treats even more special, why not use something you and your other half enjoy eating?
  4. If your wedding falls on a particular season, why not look for favors that are appropriate for that season? For example, your
    wedding falls on winter. You can look for something wintery or Christmas-y. Incorporating the beauty of the season to your wedding would definitely please the crowd.
  5. When you do some research with your betrothed, you will find that there are numerous ideas that can inspire you both. You only need look to find something magical for your wedding. Also, it is important the right supplier who can supply you with these favors.

The Growing Business Of Ugly Christmas Sweaters

The business of ugly Christmas sweaters has become a very profitable industry. The wearing of ugly Christmas sweaters have totally become a mainstream tradition during the holidays and the recent growth of this particular industry is a testament to this. While most folks will shop for these sweaters in order to wear them to a holiday party, more people are now buying these sweaters for day to day use.

The major sports leagues in the United States have also noted this trend and hopped also in the bandwagon. You can now buy your favorite team colors in ugly sweaters which are especially made for NHL, NFL, MLB, NBA or NCAA. The price ranges from $60 to $75 a piece. And believe it or not, the sports themed ugly Christmas sweaters are selling like hot pancakes in the market like the rest of the ugly sweater industry.

According to a report published by Chicago Tribune, Groupon has sold at least 40,000 ugly Christmas sweaters just in one winter season. The number was ten times more than the numbers last year. The figures were confirmed by the senior marketing managing of Groupon Goods, Chris Shields. Among the top sellers were the sports themed sweaters which were selling at $59.99. The whole line of NFL sold out in a day.

A column in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette featured Forever Collectibles which are expected to sell out all of its 300,000 sweaters this year. The shop features teams coming from the four major professional sports: basketball, football, baseball and hockey. The sweaters are expected to generate a whopping $10 million in profit for the company.

The ugly Christmas sweaters is popular everywhere. Robert Hejavec, from the ABC series shark tank, invested a staggering amount of $100,000 in order to gain a 10 percent ownership of the company Tipsy Elves. A week after the Shark Tank aired, Tipsy Elves sold at least $750,000 worth of ugly sweaters and that happened in just a week.

The craze on ugly Christmas sweater has also helped other categories of the textile industry also non-profit businesses like Salvation Army.