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Incredible Tech Deals That Did Not Push Through

There are many business deals that did not push through because of some disagreements or some details that have not been ironed out in time. It is disappointing for the parties involved particularly if the deal will change history. There are some incredible cases of business tech deals that did not take place but in truth, the outcome was not exactly bad news for users.

Before Facebook ruled social media, Myspace was already the revolutionary platform. The thing is, Myspace was forgotten when several new social media platforms appeared. Myspace disappeared and no one seemed to care. However, News Corp bought the social network for $580 million, an extremely profitable deal in 2005 because the site was currently in its best moments. The first year was great because Myspace value was estimated at $12 billion; however, it declined terribly because the platform lost its popularity and people moved to other social media platforms that adapted to new needs. In 2011, News Corp sold Myspace for $35 million.

If you were born during the time when movies were rented, you are certainly familiar with Blockbuster. Netflix is the real deal right now. Blockbuster lacked the vision to go into online movie streaming; otherwise it would have reaped the benefits of being the first in the new market. In 2000, Netflix offered Blockbuster to handle its online component but Blockbuster did not see it as a good enough deal for the company. Nowadays, Netflix is running the show.

When Google was the new kid on the block, Excite was the second most popular search engine after Yahoo. It was very unlikely for a new company to replace its position. Google’s co-founder Larry Page made an offer to Excite to replace its technology with Google Search but the offer was turned down. The rest is history.

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Utilizing Google Analytics On Content Marketing

Google Analytics is undeniably a very powerful online tool but one must know how to employ it on their website in order to get the most and the best result.

If you have Google Analytics but do not know what you need to look out for, the entire tool can be confusing and will easily distract users thus making the tool useless in the end. To know what you should look for, it is important to ask the right questions and to find the answers in the right locations. In order to optimize the content you are creating, it is essential to aim for quality and not focus on the quantity. This is one thing that most marketers take for granted leading to a big mistake.

If you are always afraid of the fact that you need to do a performance report then this is not a good thing. Sometimes you will panic due to the fact that you do not know what to look for and have no idea how to find it. This is the very reason why you can’t make the most of Google Analytics. Keep in mind that the basic metrics is all about consumption – this will let you in on how many users are accessing and viewing the content you post online. With Google Analytics, you will be able to know the number of unique users that are visiting your website, the number of times the specific webpage has been visited and it also combines the page views that are produced by one single user during a single session. You content marketing will have more useful information due to the three benefits provided.

Google Analytics will also show you the total popularity of specific page and help you determine which ones should be used as landing pages and which ones are more suitable as supplemental pages. Learning how to use Google Analytics will help a lot in the content marketing strategy you are creating. If you are having no luck in the field then it is time to hire a content marketing agency in Melbourne.

What You Need To Wear When Riding A Motorcycle

Motorcycle ownership can truly give a person numerous benefits especially when it comes to finances. Money can be quite difficult to come by nowadays and people would really need to save if they want a comfortable future and retirement. Since fuel economy can take quite a lot on your budget, moving towards a cheaper alternative can definitely help a person’s wallet. Motorcycles aren’t just cheaper than cars. When it comes to fuel economy, they are also the better choice because motorcycles don’t consume as much fuel as cars which in the long run can definitely help ease a person’s gas worries and purchases.

They are also a lot less expensive to maintain as motorcycle parts and accessories don’t really cost as much as car parts. Repairs will also be much easier.

But riding a motorcycle also comes with a few disadvantages, especially with safety. Motorcycles don’t offer the same level of shelter and protection as cars and therefore, you should make a lot of effort to make up for this issue. One effective way of doing this is wearing the appropriate motorcycle gear.

Here are the 5 most important things that a motorcycle rider should wear.

  1. This is the first thing you would need. Helmets are effective at covering and protecting your head. Helmets would protect your head in an accident so that it wouldn’t sustain heavy and life-threatening damages. It also helps protect you from bugs and there is always an air of mystery around a rider when he wears a helmet.
  2. LEATHER GLOVES. Gloves are as important as jackets because when in an accident, one would most likely use the hands to cover the face or body from harm. But your hands need protection to that is why you should wear gloves.
  3. Motorcycle jackets protect the rider from damages to the body. They also offer protection against the environment and extreme temperatures.
  4. MOTORCYCLE BOOTS. With motorcycle, boots, you would need to make sure that it is sturdy and that it extends over the ankle.
  5. MOTORCYCLE PANTS. Most riders choose to refrain from wearing motorcycle pants. Luckily, now there are motorcycle pants that offer aesthetic and comfortable options for riders to enjoy.

IBM’s Dramatic Shift To Cognitive Computing

Decades ago, California’s IBM hugged the spotlight with its computers, servers and mainframes. Today, if you will drive to the research facility, there are no longer signs that it is home to a Fortune 500 company. The tech giant has made a dramatic shift to cognitive computing that includes artificial intelligence, machine learning, analytics and algorithms.

IBM’s cognitive computing business accounted for 35% of its revenue in 2015. While overall sales of its products are fast declining, the growth of cognitive computing is quite fast. The main focus of IBM today is on research to develop artificial intelligence, algorithms and chip sets that will support powerful self-learning systems. While IBM remains to be a powerful player in its servers and mainframes, its technology now includes power banking, airline reservation systems, cyber security and the use of the cloud.

An example of cognitive computing is IBM’s artificial intelligence Watson that won over human players in the game show Jeopardy. Watson has to learn natural language and understand riddles with the ability to answer questions in a coherent manner like humans do. Watson was a major breakthrough for IBM because it was taught everything it should know so as to win in a complex game.

Computers can do other things besides crunch numbers. Watson was taught to read patient databases and medical journals with generic names and different chemical strings. Watson was also taught to read context so that if it sees “sleepy” on a document it understands whether it is a cause or a side effect. Medical researchers now use Watson to get detailed diagnostics and options for treatment based on recent cancer researches.

Watson’s artificial intelligence is also used to trawl social media accounts. It analyzes the language used and determines the personality traits of users. However, Watson is not technically a computer; it is software with a collection of algorithms stored in the cloud.

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The Good and Bad Impact of Technology to Global Business

It cannot be denied that technology has made a powerful impact on global business. The internet has made communication easy and convenient. The internet has also paved the path for ecommerce so that consumers can purchase products from almost anywhere. The flow of information has become fast and free once there is internet connectivity but at the same time, it also has led to negative impact on the global business world.

Internet technology has allowed businesses to communicate easily through Skpe, chat rooms and other online software without the need to travel to the other side of the globe. Meetings can be held even without being personally present in the conference room. However, there is still a big difference between face-to-face meetings than communicating through the internet. The internet has certainly minimized the personal aspect of business relationship. Years ago, businessmen will close deals on golf courses or over a few drinks in a restaurant.

Technology has certainly made many employees efficient because they can complete a job in half the time that they used. However, installing monitoring software in the workplace sends a message that they cannot be trusted. When employees are given responsibility, trust and respect, it boosts their morale and productivity. If there is no trust, employees lose their self-esteem and impacts on their productivity. This is regardless of the reason why the monitoring software was installed.

Spam is unwanted or unsolicited emails and wading through them is a sheer waste of time and efforts. Spam is widespread on the internet and it has a negative impact on global business because some important email messages can be diverted inadvertently as spam.

The popularity of ecommerce has had a negative effect on the traditional brick and mortar stores. Small stores are finding it harder to compete with online business that allows efficient and convenient shopping. For example, a small bookstore may find it difficult to compete with Amazon.

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Helpful Tips When Starting A Costume Design Business

Business making is probably one of the most profitable trades out there. Because of this, numerous people are actually leaving their professional jobs to start their own businesses. Although when doing so, one would have to consider the profitability of the business as compared to your professional job’s regular income. Also, you need to carefully choose the type of business you will engage in and make sure it is something that you are passionate about.

Probably one of the most fun and profitable way to earn a living is to start a costume design business. When you enter the costume design industry, your main job is to create clothing for theatre, shows, special events, television and even films.

If you wish to start a costume design business, you can follow these helpful tips.

  1. Gather Experience. Gathering experience is important if you want to start a business in costume design. When you gather experience, you will not only be learning and improving on your skills, you will also be able to make contacts with potential future clients. Also, you will learn how to become more competitive through experience. Gathering experience can also mean an apprenticeship or a volunteer job.
  2. Professional Look. If you are going to engage in costume design, then people would naturally expect you to have good taste in fashion. You never know when you will meet a potential client that is why it is important that you always look your best especially when you are outside.
  3. Great Equipment. You would also need to invest on high quality equipment. They don’t always have to be of the latest model but it is important that you can acquire equipment that would last.
  4. Effective Research. In this trade, you would always have to be up-to-date with the latest trends. You would also need to buy books that are necessary to your work. No matter if you are only focusing on a single specialty like theatre or movie costumes, it is important that you always conduct effective research.
  5. Excellent Portfolio. Most of the time, client would ask for your portfolio. Your portfolio may be the thing that influences a client’s decision that is why it is important that you present them your best portfolio.

Blinding White for Your Twitter Homepage Background

If you notice a stark all-white background instead of the customized background when you are viewing your profile, main timeline and notifications, do not worry because it is not just you. Twitter has decided to remove wallpapers from user’s homepages and notification timelines last Monday.

All background images are only available where logged-in users will see them publicly in Tweet pages, list pages and collections pages. Twitter’s pre-set background or the user’s customized wallpapers have been replaced with what some people refer to as “blinding white”. Previously, users were allowed to change the background image on their profiles which also showed as their wallpaper on the Twitter website.

However, Twitter has also made an improvement because it now easier to manage your account’s security and privacy settings. A new data dashboard has been introduced to provide users with a detailed look at all their privacy and security settings so that users can easily manage account access, block accounts and block access to third party apps.

The password-protected dashboard can now be accessed through your account’s main settings menu under “Your Twitter data” where you have an overview of your account history. This also includes the exact date and time when you signed for Twitter including all the apps and devices that are currently authorized to access your account. For example, if you have been using a mobile phone to access Twitter, it will show the date when it was activated for Twitter. The same info is available when you used an Android tablet.

The reason why Twitter has made improvements on the security and privacy settings is to give users an easy way to verify that everything should look the way it should be. It is important for users to have control over their information that is why Twitter has made the deliberate design decisions.

For example, if you see a login activity from an app that you do not recognize, you can easily go to the app tab in your setting to revoke its access to your Twitter account. If you notice there are logins from suspicious locations, you can change your password immediately and enroll in login verification for additional security.