How To Showcase Customer Reviews On The Website

When it comes to validating a business, positive customer reviews have more substance than paid advertisements. However, before a customer review can influence a purchasing decision it must be established that it came from a reliable source who has actually experienced the product or service.

If you are planning to highlight customer reviews on your website, you can use an embedded badge that invites website visitors to rate the company on third-party review sites. Some review sites also offer the embedded badge asking users to read your company reviews and then links you to their site.

You can take your customer reviews to the next level and use it for SEO purposes by embedding a URL to the website of the client. You can also create a link to an actual review site by utilizing a scheme mark-up tool. High quality reviews from your customers will be displayed on Google whenever the company appears on research results.

You can also use one of two online review sites to highlight a few reviews on your site. There are automation tools that can gather reviews all over the web and post the most recent ones to your website on a daily basis. You can also display Facebook reviews on your homepage.

A digital marketing agency believes that showcasing king kong marketing agency review on the website offers visitors with an insight on the experience of satisfied customers. When they choose to work with the digital agency, they can expect a great experience that is worth their time and money.