The Use Of Illustrations In UI

The majority of information that people deal with is visual. This isn’t too surprising as pictures can simplify some of the most complex ideas.

For graphic design, pictures aren’t just good for evoking emotion, they’re also quite functional. Illustrators like Rabinky Art consistently get work due to the fact that UIs are using more and more illustrations.

UI designs can benefit from illustrations nicely, and here are a few ways they do so.


People understand images faster than words, in general. Naturally, if you want to deliver an important statement quickly, then an image or illustration is a great way to go about it. Moreover, images and illustrations can express ideas that words can’t.

Take note of what people when users land on a website or boot up an app. They don’t start reading the text; they scan, meaning that if you hit them with a wall of text upon landing, then they’ll likely leave.

Visual hierarchy

Getting illustrations from someone like Rabinky Art are good for navigation, as custom illustrations do a good job of acting as visual dividers in between sections, which lets users get a clear idea of what exactly is going on.


Illustrations don’t just create visual hierarchy and support visual division, but they can also emphasize important things in the design and the UI. That means that illustrations are a good idea for directing the attention of users just by putting them in the right place.


Illustrations are quite functional when it comes to designing interfaces. That’s useful, yes, but there’s also the very obvious fact that illustrations are visual; they help with aesthetics.

All websites have to be functional, naturally, but with so many apps on the market, it means that apps and their UIs need to stand out nicely. That’s why aesthetics are useful, as it makes the app distinct. An old marketing saying goes ‘packaging sells’, which is also applicable to the digital space.

People aren’t complicated, if you want to sell something, then you have to make something that’s visually appealing to them while also accurately representing what you and your organization offer. That’s why illustrations are a good option for a UI.